Friday, May 25, 2012

Eyeliner Faves

I have always been deeply in love with the winged liner look, it looks timeless and gives your eyes a more mesmerizing factor. I have used up about a whole bottle of makeup remover because I really wanted to learn how to put eyeliner with out it floating over my eyelashes, and making that crisp wing was not easy..
Then after countless practicing my shaky hands finally got the hang of it.

I have also used several liners through out the years, others gave a stinging effect on the eyes which was a big NO NO for me. Right now i have been enjoying using the Face Shop FACE it Styling liner and SanSan Waterproof  Eyeliner Pen.
Face Shop FACE it Styling liner (a little over Php 500)
SanSan Waterproof  Eyeliner Pen (Php 85.00) 

As you can see they have a huge price difference, but both perform absolutely wonderful!

The applicator of the Face Shop FACE it Styling liner
The applicator of SanSan Waterproof  Eyeliner Pen 

Now compare the performance
Face Shop FACE it Styling liner

 SanSan Waterproof  Eyeliner Pen

For me they are both really good, but the Face Shop one is pricier. They both last a good amount of time I don't touch up my eyeliner throughout the day. 
If you would like to try a pricier liner I do suggest the  Face Shop FACE it Styling liner, but if you dont like spending a lot of money like me do try the  SanSan Waterproof  Eyeliner Pen.
  I hope this has helped :)

With much love,



  1. i love that san2 eyeliner too! super hardcore! doesn't smudge doesn't bulge!

    1. super! I had that on during PE class and when class was over it was still on..