Sunday, August 11, 2013

Neverending Weekend "Live Don't Just Exist"

Now why is a beauty blogger blogging about a bands music video? Aside from the fact that they sound awesome the guitarist and bassist are my brothers. Their bands name is Neverending Weekend and they just released their latest music video Live Don't Just Exist. C'mon and give it a try and you might just like it, they have other songs as well so feel free to listen to them.

They didn't ask me to do this, I just wanted to try to show the rest of the world their music :)

Other songs:

Neverending Weekend "Say It All Now" (I really like this one)


  1. Haha nice.Thanks for sharing girl and I can't believe they are your brothers.They're so talented :)

  2. oh my! I've heard about this band before Stephy, never know your brothers are in it XD
    thanks for the share, I'll listen jud!

  3. wow your brothers are talented. do you play an instrument too or maybe sing? :)

    1. Hehe,, I play and sing a little bit,emphasis on A LITTLE BIT.hehe