Friday, September 13, 2013

20th Birthday Haul

I turned 20 last month! My birthday is on August 8 and I could not have asked for a better day, my school friends surprised me and I was really touched with what they planned out for me. I'm very blessed to have the such loving and caring people in my life and for that I am forever grateful.

I would just like to share what I got for my birthday not for the purposes of bragging but I know a lot of you guys enjoy seeing these kinds of post and I want to do this every year. If you wanna see what I got last year you can check it out HERE. A few of these item will have links to where you can purchase these.

 Jana an very good friend of mine and we have the same major in school made me this beautiful bouquet of paper roses all in my favorite colors.

A great gruop of friends made me this huge pop up birthday card, it really made me smile and made my day even more special.

Burt's Bees Lip Balm
My Ate Michelle got me this while she was in Singapore and I have been wanting to try this brand of lip balm out but it's way out of my budget so I'm supper happy I finally have it.

Jade Crucifix Necklace
 My Ninang or Godmother always gives me beautiful jewelry on my birthdays and I couldn't be happier with this and I have never owned a crucifix necklace before.

Pink Nail Clipper
My classmate O'Marie asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I jokingly said a nail clipper because I always need one and that I wanted it in pink, I never thought she would find me one :)

Victorias Secret Mascara
This is really exciting for because I haven't tried much Victoria's Secret cosmetics and I'm dying to try this out as soon as I finish my mascara. Thank you Ate Jen!

Pearl Accessories
My mom got me these beautiful peal accessories, I especially love the Rose gold heart earrings on the left side.

Smashbox Eye Platte
I was beyoooooonnnd excited when I got this, i have wanting this palette for the longest time and i never expected to receive it as a gift. Thank you Ate Bam! Tia and Tito! and Kuya!

Hello Kitty heating Lash curler
Aside from the fact that this curler heats up to work like a regular curling iron its freaking Hello Kitty! It was a gift from my classmate Elera and it just shows how much she knows about my love for beauty items.

Beauty Cosmetics "Classy Brush Set"
Elaine one of my best friends got me this set, I wanted a new set to use on my clients for makeup gigs and this is perfect because its come in a brush bag and the color stands out so I can find them easier.

I feel very blessed not only because of the gifts but more importantly the people who loves and cares for me. I want to thank all of you beautiful and wonderful readers who takes the time to read what i write and leave sweet comments. I love you all!

With much love,


  1. wahhh! choya!!! love it all Stephy!!!
    happy happy birthday everyday! hehehe
    miss you and the girls in school :(

    love lots,

    1. Miss you toooooooo!!!! hapit na mahuman ang practicum te!

  2. Loved your haul Ms. Steph! Magka-age lang pala tayo. Ang ganda ng bouquet of paper rose! ^^

    1. Really? hehe. yes I love the flowers it must have taken a while to make it

  3. Belated Happy Birthday! Love the haul!!! And that brush set is super cute :)


  4. Aw belated happy birthday!! Hope you enjoy all those goodies :)

  5. happy birthday :) love this post :)

    Like your blog! Would you like to follow each other? :)

    XO MP.

  6. thank you so much! Followed you back! If you want you can also find me on lookbook: Keep in touch xoxo Cecilia

  7. Happy birthday! Looks like present wise it was a success ;)

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  8. bealated happy birthday steph! :) so thoughtful of your friends to make the flowers for you, its really nice <3 looks like you got a lot of nice gifts. looking forward to the review esp on the burts bees :)

  9. Those paper roses look so pretty! Hope you had a lovely birthday - you sure had some fab little gifts! :)

  10. Happy Birthday! Looks like you got quite a few amazing presents!
    The paper roses are so creative :)

    I'm a new follower xx

  11. happy birthday! wish you had fun! :)

  12. oh hey - happy birthday! saw your comment on another blog and was intrigued.. i'm a steph g too ;)

    steph /

  13. Belated Happy Birthday Steph! :) That's so cool, you got so many amazing gifts! I love the make-up brush set!

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xo
    Chriissydollxo Blog | BlogLovin'

  14. I know this is soooo late but Happy birthday Steph! (Belated :p) I love the Paper roses. I'm allergic to flowers and definitely I'll go with this than the real one :) Love all the gifts.

  15. Verryyyy cute flowers!! Love all our gifts. :)