Thursday, December 12, 2013

BYS Eyeshadow Creme "Boho Bronze"

Glitter, glitter glitter.. No matter what the season I always seem to find a away to put some sparkle in my day whether its on my nails, shoes, accessories, and my favorite is on my eye makeup. So when I saw this BYS glitter eyeshadow creme I had to try it out and I'm really happy I did.

AVAILABLE AT: SM Department Store
RICE: Php 250.00 ($ 5.66)

- Affordable
- Comes in various colors
- Easy to apply
-Does not look splotchy
- Available in drugstores and department stores

- Can be difficult to remove
- Can create fall out

TIPS: If it falls on your cheeks or any area on your face use the sticky part of the tape to remove it.

This is a picture of a look I did for my friend using the BYS eyeshadow creme in Boho Bronze.

THIS IS NOT ME, this is my model friend Hannah.
THIS IS NOT ME, this is my model friend Hannah.

This type of glitter eye creme is perfect for Holiday parties or maybe a fun girls night out. Have fun and pick out a color you love!

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  1. beautiful eyes!

  2. it look so glamorous and just suitable for this holiday season!! so going to check this out! ^_~

  3. So luxe and so glam, I think night out for a fancy quite dinner, a photo shoot for prom dresses or a ladies night out! I love what you did, the glitter just right on her and those red lips...BAM!

  4. Wowo! I like how it looks on your eyes :)

  5. classmate ko na sa Rizal! ahaha
    ka bongga ni Hannah ui!prettykau Steph,bagay niyaang make-up
    kaw na pud model Steph hehehe

    love lots,

    1. HAHA!! dli ko mu model Tin oi! I'm shy??? HAHA

  6. Never heard of this brand before but this product looks absolutely lovely! It reminds me of the new LORAC foiled eyeshadows in the bronze color and I love the way you wore it!

  7. oooo nice pics sis! i like how you paired glitter make up with a glitter background. it is so timely that you are posting this. i wanted to look for an inexpensive glitter eye shadow for new year. do they have it in silver? and where can i find BYS stores? :D thanks for the tips as well ill keep that in mind when i use it.

    1. BYS is available in Watsons deary :0

    2. i found it recently sis! ty :) they didnt have this tho :( pero okay lang i found another brand with glitter eyeshadow

  8. look glamorous :)

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  9. you look fab!!!!!!!!!!
    thnks for visiting my blog,, now following u :)

  10. i love the shade very pretty, Not bad for the price. I will also try to get this and check out other available shades.

  11. This eye look you created is gorgeous! Following back :)


  12. Beautiful makeup! Following you now by GFC and G+ :)
    Have a nice evening, Mrs Vain

  13. That eyeshadow looks great on your friend! :)

    Away From The Blue

  14. This product looks amazing!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and for your support! Just followed you back! :)


  15. Love this shiny shimmering glittery eyeshadow creme.
    BTW, thank you so much for visiting my blog :) Followed you back!

  16. The shade is so nice and festive! The glittery texture reminds me of The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex You & Eyes in Sand Brown. :D