Friday, March 14, 2014

Review on Chinabuye Makeup Sponge + Recent makeup jobs

I got this makeup sponge from I honestly wasn't expecting much form it but I was pleasantly surprised!Because I can get a hold of the ever popular Beauty Blender I got a similar looking sponge from Etude House which cost around Php 300.00 ($ 6.76) but I didn't like it at all it did not get bigger when it got damp which I was expecting but this one form ChinaBuye that costs $1.99 did! And It actually applies liquid and foundation really nicely , I can blend it on nicely and prevents it from looking too cakey.

My Rate and Comment: 
As you can see it did get larger when it got damped and that help apply the foundation lawlessly. I may not have the beauty blender at the moment but I'm very happy to have this one, its very affordable so i do recommend trying this out. 
Its may be difficult to clean if you use it often so what I do is mix olive oil and dish washing soap and clean it with that until is completely clean again.

I used this sponge on my clients for their prom. There are some photos I hope you like them.

I'm planning to get more of these sponges for my makeup kit soon.
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  1. Nice sponge Stephyy kita ko similar sponge in ana gi baligya online ato mahal kau 500-600 ang
    Awesome kau make up nimu Steph kailangan najud naay shop hehee <3

    love lots,

    1. As in mahal kaau sa uban :) hopefuly in the future naa kuy studio of my own..

  2. great post!!!

    Please make one clicks on my choies wishlist it help me a lot ^^

  3. Awesome review! I am excited to hear that this beauty sponge works so wonderfully! The results looks amazing!


  4. Looks amazing!! Lovely post :)

  5. nice sponge and really really affordable!!!

  6. looks lovely ! xx

  7. wow i didnt know that these sponges had differences pala aside from their prices :) thanks for the heads up and this one is super inexpensive pa. btw sis im hosting a victorias secret giveaway hope you can join <3

  8. Great post!!! Thanks for the info!