Thursday, November 13, 2014

Fluff by SumWear Co Haul,Review and Demo! Affordable and Great Quality!

If your from the Philippines you probably heard of the online shop SumWear Co they offer a lot of high end makeup and tools which are nearly impossible to find in stores, now they recently came out with a line called Fluff right now they have 5 products and I'm looking forward for the line to expand. On this post I'l review what I got and what I think of them.

Okay lets start!

Price: Php 300.00 ($ 6.69)

I'm very impressed with this kit! it comes with a highlighter and contour shade which really suits me. Let me tell you a true story: I used this kit to contour and highlight my face a few days ago when I went to school to visit a friend and when my friend Roxanne saw me she said "You lost weight!" and I was like "Look at my arms their huge!" and then she said "Your face looks slimmer." and if that doesn't prove my contour worked I don't know what will. It stayed on the whole day and its very blendable.

The shade fair is perfect for me even if I'm not that fair because its very blendable I will use this on a model or client on future makeup jobs and I will make sure show you how it looks on the face. I highly recommend this because its affordable, handy, and it come with a lot of product just look at the picture its huge!

Price: Php 275. 00 ($ 6.13)

PINK!!! Haha. This cute egg shaped brush cleanser really got me excited first of all because it pink and it come in a lot of cute colors, and secondly I'm extremely lazy in cleaning my brushes but this little devise will be my helper. I'll show you how I used it and thank God that my nails weren't completely ruined when I did this and thanks to my elder brother Kuya Alain for taking these photos. 

Eww dirty.. :-)

You can use the small circles to clean you eye brushes but you pretty much do the same thing. I used to use my hands in cleaning brushes and it leaves my hands all wrinkly and gross but this egg does the job better and I takes me half the time to clean them.

Over all I'm very happy with these products and I suggest you get them now because their selling like hot cakes! I think I'm going to purchase the brush guards and mini lash curler soon. So if you want to see the site click HERE.

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  1. Wow Steph, I never heard about the site before. The contour kit is amazing,will really buy one for me coz it's very affordable and coming from you, I'm sure it's a great product! I always love your reviews Stephy!!!! Looking for a contour kit,so will really buy from them!

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  2. I love the Fluff Egg Brush Clearner! I have a hard time cleaning my brushes and I think this would be a great help! And when I checked their website, it's very affordable! Thanks for sharing Steph!


  3. Cool! I just use my hand when cleaning brushes too. Lol. Thanks for the tip!

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  5. The egg is such an innovative product! Initially, I was curious about what it does and the logic is just so simple. You must have done your contouring very well to have the slim face effect. That's quite some skill there.

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    1. I guess I did :) yes its very useful for cleaning..

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  10. Looks like a great site. Thanks for sharing

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  11. Ang ganda ng contour kit!!! Especially the contour shade. :)

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  12. This is great! Coz i usually just use my hands which leads to = brush hair falling off. Thanks for the tip ;) Oh and commenting on my blog <3


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  15. Wow! I could really use both products! I've been on a perpetual search for affordable contour makeup that actually looks nice and should really up my brush-cleaning game haha! Very helpful post! ;)

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  18. A must try, thanks for sharing Steph!

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