Monday, November 10, 2014

Haul: Beauty Bar Buys!

 My original plan was to go shopping at Rustans Department Store for their cosmetics sale so I went the day before the sale to ask what products will be discounted and whats in stock after Rustans my mom and I went to Beauty bar and man! they were having 25 65% discount on selected items! My thoughts about the Rustans sale immediately flew off my mind because one of my most favorite brands smashbox was having a great deal. 

Looking at my paper bags it looks like I got a shit load of makeup right? HAHA! Sorry to disappoint I only got a few things. The reason I have two paper bags is because I already paid for the first item before I decided to get my second item and I got them to gift wrap it for me why not right? I love opening stuff at least I didn't write anything on the greeting card.

Lest start with the first item I purchased

This holiday set comes with 3 makeup products and little instructional cards. I mainly got this for the gorgeous eye shadows smashbox has excellent shadows and they feel so velvety smooooootth.

I havent tried this mascara out yet but I have high hopes for it because it has a massive brush or wand which is great for volume.

I haven't tried this out yet as well but I'm always up for trying out new liners.

This palette was the main reason I got this set can we just look at the swatches for a second? that's just one swipe of each shade and they are so buttery smooth! I love smashbox shadows I always use them plus they shimmery ones Taupe and Purple Shimmer are gorgeous! WAAAH! I'm so excited to play with this.

This set was a great deal the original price was Php 1,950.00 ($43) but it was 25% off so I only paid Php 1,462.00 ($32) I saved Php 487.00.

For the second item I got this brush holder that I have been wanting for some time now because its a great way to store my brushes when I do clients makeup I like having my brushes standing up so I can see them easily.

The original price was Php 595.00 but it was 65% off so I got it for Php 208.00 so I saved Php 386.75!

I would like to thank my wonderful parents for this and I promise once I get a job I wont spend all my money on makeup :-) maybe just 75% :-D just kidding.. If you have any beauty bar boutiques in your mall definitely check out their deals.

Thank you for reading!
Take care!

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  1. Awesome stuff!!! Damn, if Sephora here had a 20% off sale, the shop would go half sold out! I just did a haul recently too and I hope christmas brings more sales! Love the smashbox palette, I've seen it before and did eye it!

    1. I'm sure girl would panic in Sephora. HAHA. Its my fave palette this year

  2. Great post!

  3. hallaaaa ka choi!!! Love them Steph! the sparkles and all!! Can't wait to see you use them!!! Uy, I saw what you did to Janna,so lovely!!!!!!!
    katawa ko's 75% only nga purchase sa makeup hahahaha kaw najud Stephy!!!

    love lots,

  4. oh gee! I love everything, especially the brush holder. No pink? it's much cuter if it's pink. hehe. Lucky you coz you get to buy whatever you wanted :) Can't wait to see your FOTD using those. :)

    1. Naay pink pero small man I cant fit much brushes so I just got the large blue one. I'll use it on a model soon :)

  5. ka nice sa mekeup Stephie uy!!! and great deal kay super barato nalang pa jud..
    Yeah, Tine's right, ikaw na jud! You already stephie! haha.. lol :) (hanyo 70%?..hihihi)

  6. ang saya talaga pag sale lalo na at smashbox pa! hehe

  7. Yay pretty shades!! looking forward for the eotd using that palette. I also like the brush holder, Great finds!

    1. I was super happy with this visit to beautybar

  8. Why can I respond to your comments? :(

  9. The Smashbox hexagon palette looks amazing~ Thanks for checking out my blog ^_^