Thursday, November 20, 2014

My Beauty Wish List!

Christmas is fast approaching and aside from the main essence of Jesus birth and family gatherings we cant avoid the fact there's a lot of sales going on, relatives giving Christmas money, parents and friends who kindly and generously put up with our beauty addiction making it the perfect time for shopping. 

This is my Christmas Beauty Wish List or should I say All Year Round Wish List, guys lets be honest our wish list never ends and it never will and as much as we would want to get everything we drool upon we just cant so that's why I chose only 3 items and these items are very useful and practical for me so if once of these is granted I'm sure it wont be laying around collecting dust.

I have a beautyHD airbrush system and I saw that they have a portable battery which would be perfect for outdoor shoots or if I have to do makeup where there's no electricity brilliant right? I wish there was one for curling irons too :)
Price: 1,299.00 

Just look at the picture you would understand why I want this brush. LOOK AT IT! When I saw this ZOEVA Pink Elements Complete Eye Set I immediately went OH MY GOSH! The pink handles wit the grey metallic ferrule looks so girl and luxurious it may be pricey but your getting 12 eye brushes and a cute pouch. 
Price: Php 4,226.00

I'm sure you will be attending some Christmas parties or gatherings around the holiday season and wouldn't it be nice to smell great? ZALORA has a great selection of fragrances from high end brands to more affordable ones, and since this is a wish list I'll go all out with this Daisy by Marc Jacobs I have smelt this one before and daaaaannmmm! Your going to the most fragrant girl in the party I kid you not.
Price: Php 3,709.00 before it was Php 5,298.00

What do you want from Santa this Christmas?  tell me on the comments below I would to know!
Thank you for reading!
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  1. Love ur picks!

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  2. cute nga naman talaga yung brushes but nakakaloka yung pice dear! haha :)

  3. Great wishlist Steph!! :) I want to try those brushes too, and I've been dying to get the Marc Jacobs perfume, it smells like heaven. <3

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xx

  4. cute perfume!

  5. Woow, great post!

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    Laura Macij

  6. nice to see you lovely post

  7. Your picks are great! Love those brushes :-)

  8. great picks Stephie but expensive much..! hehe ^_^
    Anyway, I hope you get these on Christmas Stephie..! :) ;) (You deserve it!)
    muah:* :*

  9. THX for your lovley comment :) Follow you back and wish you a good time :)
    Greets from the EDELFABRIK

  10. Oh yeah, our wish lists never end ;) Love your choices! You made me want the Zoeva brush set as well! :)
    Wish to follow each other? xx Maja

  11. Ooh great beauty wish list, especially those makeup brushes! x

    The Belle Narrative

  12. Nice!


  13. Your blog amazing .Beautiful pictures and great design! Love it!
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  14. Ooh steal for the perfume! The brush set is lovely too! xoxo