Friday, December 5, 2014

Be a Head Turner at Prom!

We are two months away from prom season here in the Philippines so you may be looking around for THE DRESS even if your prom is still months away its always a good idea to start hunting down that dress so you have more than enough time to find your accessories and shoes .When your find the right dress its kinda like love at first sight your just know it’s the one I had same feeling when I found my dress and believe it or not I got use it several times after prom. I found PickeDresses and fell in love with a lot of their Toronto Prom Dresses I wish I had this much choices back then I had to go in boutiques and I was always worried that someone would wear something similar so I bought my gown miles away from where I lived I’m not joking it was a 3 to 4 hour drive! Just to make sure I wouldn't bump into somebody with the exact purple ball gown because prom isn't a cute time to be twinning dear. The site is not limited to just prom dresses they have tons of pieces appropriate for every special event in your life.

For this post I’m going to show you my Head Turner choices these are for all you ladies out there who’s not afraid to show some skin don’t worry it’s still prom appropriate, if you have been busting your butt of working out honey you better get the most out of all your hard work and rock a gorgeous gown you don’t get a lot of chances to get all dolled up so make it memorable by slipping in to something that will show your assets.
If your school allows you to wear a cocktail dress this stunning black lace dress is sort of a cocktail dress with a lot of lace to me this is the perfect mix of sexy and classy.

For my slim babies show off your slender body with this hour glass shaped dress I love that the silver bead work is like dripping into the pink fabric.

Cut-outs is a huge trend right now and the little amount of skin showing at the sides is gorgeous especially if your don’t want or can’t show some cleavage.

And for my final pick is this body hugging shop stopping white gown I think that the strap adds just the right amount of sparkle to the look no need for any necklace just a simple pair of earrings and you’ll definitely turn some heads but do note that white can be a little tricky to wear so be extra cautious about stains and dust.

I hope you liked my choices there are tons more at PickeDresses so head on over there! I will be doing more posts like this I hope you check them out, comment down below which dress you like the most. 
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  1. Beautiful dresses dear!

  2. Wonderful dresses Stephy!!! I love the black ones so much <3
    great share Stephy!!! :)))

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  3. Stunning dresses!

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  4. OMG the first one in black is definitely gorgeous!

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  7. wow..! As usual, great picks Stephie!! :D :D ^_^ I superbly love the second one.. Pink!! And the design is to die for!!! <3 <3

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  8. Oh the prom night. I remembered mine and I didn't like my dress. :( Oh well... anyway, I really like the last two dresses! So classy and elegant.

  9. i love your post,and thanks for your sharing.