Friday, December 12, 2014

Color Trends for 2015!

If you’re attending prom next year look on trend by wearing beautiful dresses hottest color trends. I was browsing through the Toronto Prom Dresses of the website PickeDresses and I found a lot of beautiful gowns that I would personally love to wear given the chance I don’t know if I’ll attend formal balls because I’m done with school even when I was in college we didn't have event that’s appropriate for a long evening gown but a girl can dream right? PickeDresses doesn't only ship to Canada but worldwide and just to let you know they have awesome prices for the quality your getting its worth every penny or peso in my case they even have beautiful dresses under 100 Canadian dollars so if you’re looking to buy one or even just for inspiration I highly recommend you to check it out.  Enough with the rambling here are my picks!

This is a perfect color for the ladies who love cute things the soft pink shade is absolutely adorable, the tulle shirt is very reminiscent to a Barbie gown, and the length is very unique not too long so you can show off your beloved shoes because to me shoes are just as beautiful as dresses.

This is a lighter take on green you know not like Christmas tree green this shade is very refreshing and looks beautiful on almost all skin tones. I love the strap on the side I don’t have to keep pulling it up so the girls don’t spill out and honey it’s not cute when look bangin in you dress but constantly have  pull up the top and the slit gives you more room to walk around and show a little or a lot of skin. HAHA

Now if you don’t really like wearing color Grey is a great choice you don’t have to wear a long gown this cocktail dress is just as stunning and grey looks great in photos plus there’s a smaller chance of someone else wearing the same color. Pair this dress with killer heels and your ready for prom.

Blues and Teal
Blue and teal dresses reminds me of my favorite Disney Princess Cinderella I grew up reading that story and her gown always during the ball looked amazing in the story book so I've always wanted a similar dress, I really like the embellishments around the neck no need for a necklace just simple earrings and the detail around the waist looks very slimming.

What color do you like best? I love all of them best if I had to choose one I would go for the blue dress. I have two more posts for prom dresses and I hope they will be helpful for your hunt.

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  1. Gorgeous dresses!

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  2. Amazing dresses!

  3. Loved all the dresses ! Would you like to follow each other? Let me know!!

  4. You've got the colors right! But I'm more excited of the Marsala color. Can't wait for S/S 2015 collections! Hehe.


  5. Loving the pink and blue! xx


  6. everything is so lovely! :)

  7. Amazing picks Stephie! :D :D Love the blue one (last) <3

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    Jong :)

  8. These dresses are all so beautiful - love the colours and styles!! :)