Monday, December 15, 2014

Portfolio: Clients and Photo shoot for December!

December is one of the busiest months for us parties are coming up, there's shopping to be done and for me this is the time of the year where I get the most clients because of all the company parties and us girls love dressing up and taking lots of photos so we want to look good and that where a Hair and Makeup artist such as myself come in I love it when I get opportunities to glam up clients because its what I love to do it doesn't feel like work plus I learn a lot from experience so here are photos of what I did.

Killer clown
This has got to be the most bizarre looks I've done my cousin Joanna had their Students NIght and it was a Horror themed party so she chose this killer clown look I learned from Madeyewlook 

Maid of Honor
This is my good and beautiful friend Astird I mentioned her on a previous post post and she was the maid of honor for the wedding of Rhose and Edwin the couple I did hair and makeup for their Pre Nup Photo shoot. I went for a fresh and flirty look she has gorgeous plump lip and one of the best skin I've ever seen she only need the lightest coverage of foundation (so jealous..)

Christmas Photo shoot
This is one of the highlights of my year its been long since I worked in a photo shoot I've been busy but now that I'm done with school I had the chance to do a Christmas themed shoot and when I say do a shoot I mean coming up with the concept, preparing the props, come up with the hair and makeup looks and sometimes also the outfits. These three stunning girls are actually cousins the first one is Chad who I've just met on the shoot and is a doll, the last two are Nina and Naomie who are sisters I've done their makeup several times so I'm very familiar with heir features their beautiful work was a breeze. The photographer is Sir Gio Pesodas a talented guy whom I've worked with so many times at Mangga Studio here in Cebu. 

Elaine (Left) one of my oldest and closest friends and her older sister Michelle (Center) had their company party on the same day and Ate Michelle's co-worker wanted to get her hair and makeup done as well so a total of three clients in one day. Elaine's party was Bohemian themed and Ate Michelle's party was Hollywood themed I know her hair has intense curls I did that because it was a long drive to the venue and I wanted it to loosen on the way.

I hope you like the photos and thank you to all my clients who trust me to do their hair and makeup for special events
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  1. Love the looks Stephie!! Ikaw na talaga! BRAVO!!! (insert clapping sound here) for the makeup... You've highlighted their features and they all look so gorgeous.. superrr! Idol na jud tika lalab!! :D :D Hope we can arrange a photoshoot together... *winks, winks* *fingers crosed* hehe... ;)
    Love the photos pud!! Kuya photographer, ikaw na pud! ^_^

    best regards,
    Jong :)

    1. HAHA!!! thanks you Jong your so sweet! maybe in the future daghan2 bya ang meanies :)

  2. all of them are super pretty! good job steph! i especially like the killer clown costume makeup. parang theres so much effort poured into it. sana someday you can give me a makeup makeover naman <3

  3. Followed back dear! Keep in touch!!

  4. Great job on their makeup! They look sooo gorgeous!

  5. I nominated you for the Best Blogger Award, Stephie!! ^_^ Check out the details here

    Jong :)