Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Doll Up for Prom with GBridal!

Its January and here in the Philippines prom season is February so it just right around the corner so ladies if your attending one you better prepare right now! Choosing the right dress could be stressful you don't want to show up and realize another girl is wearing the exact same dress right? So if you want a truly unique look GBridal can help you out. Don't let the name fool you it may say Bridal but they have so much more than wedding gowns they have evening gowns, cocktail dresses for any occasion imaginable from Prom to Quinceanera, Homecoming, Sweet 16, and they even have a selection for graduation dresses talk about choices! They use high quality fabric, romantic lace, luxurious crystals, they even hand sew very intricate embellishment and embroidery all to make sure that you get the best quality dress and of courses to look your best because for us girls a dress is much more than pieces of fabric sewing together with beads to us it is art and it take so much skill and work to produce a stunning dress and we average ladies only get to attend formal events a few times in our lives might as well wear something that you always imagined youself in.

In this post I'll be sharing you my picks in three different categories and why I think they are perfect for Prom. Click on the photo and it will lead you directly to the website :)

For those girls who have legs for days or who just love cute cocktail dresses I think a short prom dress if a good choice for you. If you look closely or go to the site you would see that the bust area of this dress is embellished with beautiful white feather a very unique touch to me this resembles an iconic White Swan ballerina dress.

If your planning to turn some heads this stunning Red Dress will do that for you, for the more the ladies who dont want to show much skin this one is absolutely perfect first of all this is huge and covers majority of your body all you'l be showing are your arm which are technically covered with the nude material that's holding the stunning embellishments no need for a necklace and bracelet honey.

Last but most definitely not the least is is A-Line Black Dress my closet is filled with black clothes its too dark in there I cant really tell whats in there so this dress is one of my favorites there something in black that always looks classic, edgy, and sophisticated to me especially when worn with some bling like the one you see on the dress here you are bound to sparkle.

If your planning to buy a dress of looking for inspiration GBridal has got you covered check out their beautiful Prom Dresses and I'm sure you will find what your looking for!.

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  7. I like the black dress, it is beautiful! The white one is not really my thing though, but I can imagine it will look very nice on people with longer legs than mine :P

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