Saturday, January 24, 2015

Get Long Luscious Hair with CCHairextentions

Some of us re not blessed with naturally voluminous hair mine is very straight and thin so how can we get that full, long, and luxurious look hair? Hair extensions of course! I'f you want to have longer hair for an event I suggest clip in extensions but if you wanna keep them for a longer time go with hair weave extension and you can get all that from CCHairextentions ! This site sells 100% human hair extensions of various material, texture and length so you are assured to find one that's right for you, they ship world wide via UPS and DHL.

Here are my picks that would suit my hair and a little about what these are.

My hair is black and straight so this one is perfect for me. Clip in extensions are very easy to put on the top part of the hair holds tiny but durable clips that you just snap on your actual hair but you must put these under a section of your natural hair to blend the extension to your own hair.

Here are videos to show you how to put them on

I don't really need a weave because clip in extension are enough for me but I did want to show you that I found one that I would like. You can put a weave on you self honey trust me! you definitely need a pro or expert on this. All your hair needs to be braided in a pattern and the hairstylist will sew on the weave into the braids, yes sew! This takes much more time to install but it will last a lot longer and a weave is perfect if you really want to change the texture of your hair.

I hope you learned a little something here and if you want to try out hair extensions you should go to CCHairextentions they even have tape extensions these type of extensions are attached to your hair with an adhesive it could last for 6-8 weeks but you also need a professional to install them one.

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  1. I used to use lots of hair extensions before I started growing my dreads. I would have loved to try these out. They are beautiful.

  2. Great post, I also like these hair extensions :-)

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    1. Yes i tried clip on extensions before but they were not human hair I bet these are better.

  4. Interesting ,sounds great :)

    Happy Weekend!

  5. So cool Stephyyy!!! useful kau ni cya esp. for MUA's like you!!! <3

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  6. I've never used extensions before so I'm not educated on them lol, but great post dear

  7. I've never used one before but I'd like to try wearing one because I feel like my hair is already thinning. Lol

  8. I've never used hair extensions... they just scare me! haha

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  9. I would love to try hair extension because I want to experience having longer hair, not goddess long, just long enough to put in a pony tail hehe! Thanks for the info about hair extensions! :)

  10. I have tried extensions before and they turned out pretty nice actually :) Great tips sweetie!

    - Che

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  12. Great post

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  13. I've always wanted to emulate those hipster braids I've been seeing a lot on Pinterest. Too bad my hair's thickness won't allow it. Those weave extensions might be able to help though. Now if only I can get a stylist to put them on me for free haha! Nice post! :)

    Joanna - The Wunderkind

  14. These look so nice!! :)

  15. Great post!!! Thanks ;)
    Kisses from Spain.
    Xoxo, P.

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  16. I have always been afraid of extensions, scared that they'll ruin my hair xx :/


    1. Yo do have to be very careful.. but you'll get use to it weaves are way more work to maintain..

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