Saturday, January 31, 2015


I have been buying stuff online more than I should and I need to make sure if I really need the stuff I'm getting and I'm happy to say for this haul I did just that plus a little something from my dad :) This is my first haul from LAZADA its an online shop here in the Philippines but I think they have this site in different countries what I love about LAZADA is that you can pay by Cash On Delivery which means you only have to pay once its delivered to you which makes it risk free. Secondly, you can also reduce your price with a voucher code. Visit to find the latest voucher for Lazada PH. I bought these at different times so they didn't arrive at the same time but even if you order more than one item it will not arrive at once some will be delivered a little later.

Even when I was little I always enjoyed sewing and when I grew up these mini sewing machines were available but they were expensive back then and I got more in to makeup so I kinda forgot about it but when my dad showed this to me I was so excited so he got it for me :) now a days these are more affordable and you can chose form a huge variety. I watched tutorials on how to operate this little machine and its easy once you get the hang of it I was so excited when I got this and I told everyone in my family that by the end of the day I already made 5 evening gowns! HAHAH just kidding guys I doubt this machine can make gowns and I don't have the skills for that :D
Price: Php 828.99 ($ 18.76)

It came with a free sewing machine which is AWESOME! filled with everything you would need.

I have wanted hot rollers for years! so you can just imagine my excitement when I found this on LAZADA,hot rollers is much easier and faster way to curl your chair you heat up the rollers in this toaster looking thing then roll it in your hair and remove it after 20 mins. Curling my clients with a curling iron hair can really eat up my time so this would definitely help it may much bulkier but I don't care as long as it gets the job done.
Price: Php 1,900 ($ 42.99)

I have an airbrush system from beautyHD I use on clients and models and I have been using up my Golden Honey shade so much and I need a brand new one I like this brand and its very affordable but I think I'l be purchasing a different brand next time just to see what works better.
Price: Php 399.00 ($ 9.03) 
If your going to browse around Lazada I have good news for you. You can get discount codes at its a site where you can find discount codes for various sites not just Lazada, great right? You find out more if you check the site.Thank you for reading !
Take care!

With much love,
Steph - G


  1. Wow..cute machine!

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  2. Great haul Stephy!!!! would love to see your gowns soon!!!! hehehe
    sewing is not one of my talent even though my grandma and my mom are expert in that skill lol hahaha

    love lots,

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  4. I only tried shopping in Lazada once and I must say they have a really good service. They would even contact you if anything happens. Highly recommended online store! And btw, I didn't know that you sew! :)

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

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  6. What a cute sewing machine!:)

  7. How adorable!! I really need a mini sewing machine too, it's such a hassle sewing manually, takes me forever to finish. hehe.. Great haul Steph! =D

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xx

  8. that's cool!!! seems like they sell a little bit of all sorts of things! :D

    happy february!
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  9. Great haul :-) I love shopping at Lazada too! :-)

  10. loving your haul!
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  11. The sewing machine is so cute


  12. Sewing machine is looking amazing... Lovely post
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  13. Really great haul! The sewing machine looks so cute! :)

  14. The sewing machines is super cute! xx


    1. I totally agree :)

  15. the machine is so cute! <3

  16. I didn't know mananahi na diay ka Spehie! I'd love to see your finished products, especially the gowns..!! hehehe :) Pero super duper cute jud na imong sewing machine!! Perfect with Lalaloopsies!! <3 <3 ^_^ cutie!! hehe :D

    Jong :)