Friday, February 6, 2015

Online Shopping Haul: ZALORA and Digital Traincase Makeup

My hauls just keep coming that's because I did a lot of online shopping for the month of January it was seriously the most shopping I've done in one month and I do not plan to keep that up I need to control myself and save more. But for the mean time I'l share to you what I got if they are still available I'll make sure to link them below.

 Can you see how ginormous this box is! I placed my watch on the table so you set an idea of the size its the biggest package I've received.

From Libebi Shop
This necklace this perfect for plain colored tops which I always wear its very festive right?

From Collection 
I want to try out these pencil type of shadows because their easy to carry around and I've been using this and I LOVE IT! stays on all day and its easy to blend.

When it rains here in the Philippines it rains hard and there are days when you cant stay in you have to be somewhere so might as well go out with cute boots right? its a maroonish color kinda like Marsala which is everything this year I really like it because its very wearable color and because its high cut i can walk through flood which I hope wont have to but this one is here to help me.

I was Screen Shopping (online version of Window Shopping) and I saw that Digital Traincase Makeup was having a clearance sale on the NYX lipstick I only paid Php 50.00 ($ 1.13) for  each! there weren't a lot of shades left so I only got what was available too bad they only have one shade left now but its not a wearable color. 

I got these because one their a great deal and two I need to expand my lipstick collection for my kit and fortunately I don't have these colors yet.

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  1. Love the boots!

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  2. Great haul!

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  4. OOOOO That necklace is stunning! I don't own any bold statement jewelry but I love seeing what others get!

  5. Ohh, I also want to try the Eye Shadow Pencil From Collection! Read somewhere that it is good!

  6. Great haul, the NYX Lipsticks are gorgeous and the boots look great!

    1. I know now i just have to wait for the rain..haha

  7. The Boho Necklace caught my eyes! It's so pretty!!

  8. great haul and the box sure is big!

  9. I love all the nyx lipsticks. The boots look so pretty too.
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  10. Great finds, love the eye pencil ; )

    The Flower Duet

  11. Lovin the haul Stephy!!! yay finally perfect case for your makeup!!!!
    Love that necklace so much! bagay kau na nimu for sure! hmmm for Valentines? hehehe

    love lots,

  12. Wow!! Ikaw na jud Stephie..! Kung maka shopping, wagas!! ahahaha :D Love the boots!!! And I definitely lurve the necklace!!! those colors!! Perfect for you jud na Stephie!! <3 <3 <3

    Jong :)

  13. love the boots


  14. Love the boots

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  15. Nice items. I love the lipsticks very much! I wondered if you would like to follow each other to stay in touch. Let me know on my blog. That would be really awesome! :)

  16. Such pretty necklace and amazing colours of lipsticks. Loving your blog. New Follower!!

  17. Those rainboots are so adorable! Makes me want to eat them. Parang chocolate hahaha!

    And what a great steal for the lipsticks ha? I tried shopping via Zalora and they're very fast. I miss online shopping! ;))


  18. What a beautiful necklace darling. And love your new come in lipstick. Pretty colors.

  19. Love those boots :D

  20. You got yourself some really good stuff and I love all 3 NYX lipstick shades that you got!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  21. I love the boots! They look so chic! And the Rea shade looks beautiful on the swatch, I expected a shimmery bronzy shade but it looks better than I expected.