Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Rose Institute of Cosmetology and Pharmacy

After college one of my goals was to enroll in makeup or beauty school but there arent a lot to choose from here in Cebu and after scouring the internet I finally decided to enroll in Rose Institute of Cosmetology and Pharmacy if you live in Cebu I'm sure you are familiar with Salon de Rose and Rose Pharmacy several branches are located all over Cebu this is the same company that started the school they offer courses in Cosmetology and Pharmacy so their students are absorbed in to their salons and Pharmacies.
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The istitution is located in Colon, Cebu City just across Metro Colon and above McDonalds. I took a 10 session course in Makeup  which only cost me Php 4,690.00 plus additional Php 700.00 for my ID and uniform we had to war a black polo shirt every time you attend class. Their makeup course is very flexible I get to choose when I got to school and at what time just as long as I finish my 10 sessions and I usually stay there for 3-4hrs.

I would like to apologize ahead for the quality of the photos I only brought a digital camera with me. These are photos of the Cosmetology rooms the Pharmacy classrooms are upstairs and I don't go in there.
After painstakingly climbing 2 flights of stairs you will enter the reception area as you can see the school has a very studio feel to it with plain grey walls and concrete floors. The door to the right leads to the faculty room, administration office and hair supplies for the students.

This is the classroom for Facial classes.
Most of the Hair Dressing Students are in this room.
This is my classroom its the largest one so some hair dressing students join me here when it get too crowded in their room which is nice because I have company and I get to see the process of hair cutting and treatments. The rooms are full air conditioned so even if this scourging hot outside

This is my routine when I go to class:
I arrive at 10 am
10am-11:30am I do about 1-2 looks on a model depending on how long the look will take
11:30 am- 12:30 noon is my lunch break
12:30 - 2pm I do another look for a model

-I have to bring my own makeup and brushes
-I have to have a model, my friends modeled for me for a week and the following days I had hairdressing students as my models, sometime people come to the school to get free hair cut or hair treatments that are way cheaper then in salon because students do them and they want to get their makeup done as well I don't get paid for doing their makeup they serve as my model for the day.

 I do not advice beginners to enroll here because the instructors are not trained to be teachers they used to work at the salon and the school hired them to work there so they are used to do hair and makeup its their profession but not necessarily teach it. Since I've read books and did makeup on clients and shoots I already had an idea of the basic stuff you need to know and YouTube was my teacher for years.During class I create a look on a model and my instructor assess it and teaches me new and old techniques to improve the look which are very effective and helpful. But there are no lectures for makeup only hairdressing. Overall, I'm glad I took a course here I will be receiving my certificate form TESDA which was my purpose and I got to learn a lot from an experienced makeup artist Sir. Alfed, I made new friends, improved my time management in doing makeup and so much more. If your interested to see some of the looks I did in class and what I learned during the course I'll be glad to do so.

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  1. Good luck.
    That looks like a real exciting endeavor.


  2. Wow, sana may ganyan dito sa manila. The course is very affordable.. ;) Thanks for the recent visit on my blog Steph, espcially for the good wishes on my Chibyusa.. ;) Thank you!


  3. Wow! was actually thinking of studying in Rose too Stephy or sa one on one session with Ate Pearl of Dollface Studio. Not sure kay ang session with Ate Pearl is day and night makeup ramn diay. I was thinking of taking TESDA courses too but sa Mandaue ang location layo kau for me. Nindot ang Rose kay duol ra. I'm saving for my masters as of this moment so maybe dugay pajud ko ka school dra haha So happy for you Stephy! You do my hair nya soon!!! kaw rajud ako trusted MUA!
    btw abi nako 6k ila payment 4kplus ra diay lol

    love lots,


    1. cge Tin elai me if you want me to to ur hair and makeup hehe.. mangita pasad kog lain school mintras wla pako ga work,

  4. Great place
    good luck

    New post in

  5. Wow.. the places are huge! It's so nice to see that they're opening more places to learn cosmetology.. it's great :)

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xx

    1. it really is big lots of room to work in plus the air conditioning really gets you in the mood to work..

  6. that's so cool that you shared these photos.. never been inside a beauty school!! :D

    Animated Confessions

    1. this is the only beauty school I ever attended so I really wanted to show you guys how it looks I hope i can study in more schools..

  7. WOw! Goodluck! Thank you for your wonderful comment on
    Qing's Style

  8. It has also been my goal to study make-up after graduating from college. But suddenly my goals and interests changed. Glad you are pursuing something that you like. :)

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

    1. :) I think I want to work as a full time professional MUA..

  9. Oh thanks for share your routine with us


  10. Good luck on your classes! Sounds like fun!


  11. Very interesting post! I'm sure you're having fun.. Good luck on your classes and continue on pursuing your passion.. Kudos to that! :D


  12. wow! glad to hear you are able to do what you wished before :) http://www.thegirlwiththemujihat.com/ btw.. do u want to follow each other on gfc?? just lemme know :)

  13. Hi, do you know the fashion institute of Cebu? if you had to compare the two which one is better?

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