Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Modern Work Wardrobe

HI Guys! I've recently started working on my very first job I’m  a teacher now so rubber shoes, crop tops and jeans aren't going to but it for me so I've been shopping for more polished and corporate looks and I love it! Even if I feel deep in my heart that I’m a 18 year old teenager there’s no escaping the fact that I have to grow up and start earning. With that said I’m going to show you outfits that I would wear and I hope you like what I put together. 

If you've been a reader for some time you would know that I love shopping at ZALORA and I've found a collection ofbusiness attire that is not only modern but also comfortable.

For special school programs I can wear this very pretty lace top dress and add a pop color with this vivid lavender pumps.

You can find great office wear in Forever 21 and they are known to have on trend items at a good price. For this look I chose a carnation pink blazer and trousers with a white button down top for a soft and sweet look.

I often shop online at ZALORA and LAZADA but I go to FOREVER 21 in our local mall so I can assure you that I would really buy these items. And you don’t have just to wear this for work you can totally go party to a party with this just change your hand bag to a clutch and your stud earrings to sparkly dangling ones finally changing up your makeup a bit can really transform your look.

Thank you for reading!
Take care!

With much love,
Steph – G


  1. Great selection!


  2. Superb collection simple and elegant
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  3. Great collection! I like that idea of pairing ripped jeans with a formal top. I think I'm gonna try that some time! ;)


  4. Love your matched outfits Stephy! IMportant jud ang mga formal ug semi formal nga outfits for teachers. Love the shoes pud Steph! Well thought pairs! Super love!! <3
    Where ka mag teach Stephy? good luck sa imu new job Stephy! mwah!

    love lots,


  5. Thanks for the follow. I'm a new follower too !


  6. Awesome outfits Steph, definitely professional and smart :) Loving all the shoes, they're spot on!

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xx

  7. Wow, great selection, all of these clothes looks very smart and chic :) Btw, I followed you back as Iwona Zając via GFC (#599) :) Keep in touch, dear :)


  8. bIt was very interesting post my dear!! The outfits are amazing and perfect fot this season :)