Saturday, May 9, 2015

Get Longer Luscious Hair!

For special occasions sometimes we wish that we had longer and fuller hair to achieve that voluminous and bouncy curl that makes us feel like a million dollars but don’t have enough hair to do the job. Well don’t you worry because I got the solution for you! UUHairExtensions offers a ton of hair extensions fit for every hair type and length. Here's a few that stood out to me.

So in order for you to dye, straighten, or curl your hair you mush use 100% human hair extension because synthetics ones may be cheaper but you can’t freely style it that way you want to plus real hair looks natural and realistic.

If you have some highlights going on your extensions must match as well and UUHairExtensions offers 100 human hair extensions which cost just a little over 100 dollars!

Now if you like me and you have thin straight hair that stays flat this is the perfect choice for you! It come in all hair colors but you can easily dye it the color that you have on case you have a fun bright colored hair. This will definitely add volume which unfortunately not all of us are born with.

UUHairExtensions also carry micro loop, bonded, and tape hair extensions which lasts longer than clip in but do require a professional to put them on so if you are willing to commit the site can hook you up as well.

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With much love,
Steph G


  1. Love it!

  2. I really wish I can grow long hair but it gets irritating at some point. Hair extensions is the solution for people like me who can never be comfortable with long hair but would like long hair. thanks for sharing! :)

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

  3. That is an awesome product.

  4. Oh vey cute hair extensions sweetie

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  6. Interesting! I wonder how long does it take to put hair extensions on.. :)