Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Here in the Philippine NIVEA is having a 50% OFF SALE on EVERYTHING! This sale ends on May 9, 2015 so head to your nearest department store or Watsons and grab your essentials. I will list down the prices below and also a little review on what I got.

NIVEA Roll on Deodorants
Price: Original Php 82.00 ($ 1.84) each
Discounted : Php 41.00 ($0.92) each
I have been using NIVEA deos for  years and years and I do not plan to use any other brand because these smells amazing and doesn't darken your skin.
NIVEA Cream Deodorant
Price: Original Php 174.00 ($ 3.91) each
Discounted Php 87.00 ($ 1.95) each

NIVEA Sunblock
Price: Original Php 234.00 ($ 5.25) each
Discounted Php 117.00 ($ 2.63) each
Just started using this before applying makeup and so far so good its light weight and absorbs into the skin fast plus sun protection is essential especially this summer season. 

NIVEA Lip balm
I forgot the price of this one and I gave it to a friend but I do know that this is really hydrating and gives a slight tint to the lips.

NIVEA Facial Wash
Price: Original Php 90.00 ($ 2.02) each
Discounted Php 45.00 ($ 1.01) each
This facial wash smells sooooooo good if only I can bathe in it I would! I feel that this really cleanses my face after a day with full makeup I recommend this more than the charcoal one because I do not like the scent of that. 

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Steph- G


  1. Great post!

  2. Oh wow great great stuff! I've been using the extra whitening liquid roll on deo for now like 5 years and I love it. Love the smell and it really has whitened my underarms! I've always wanted to try the stick version but I haven't seen it here, gotta go look for it!

  3. A nivea lover is here thanks for sharing check out my new post at

  4. Omg thats a really smart buy, its always better when you get the products you use on a discounted price!!

  5. Wow! so cool! kadako sa ila discount Stephy! must check nya..I want to try their deo and their facial wash. Thanks for sharing this to us Steph,. mwah! <3

    love lots,

  6. Haay, I love nivea's products.... nagstart ako mgkawork, nivea user nko and until now 6 years na I still entrust my skin to Nivea talaga.. ;) Thanks for the visit by the way...


  7. I was able to score a lot of Nivea products during their sale as well! Most that I got are lotions and deos.