Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Makeup Haul and Review: Beauty Bar and CLIO

As much as I love makeup it pains me to pay full price so when my eyes meet the SALE sign I get supper excited for me its better to spend when I get massive discounts in that case I can get more stuff, save money, and have more products to blog about because being a blogger doesn't just mean you review stuff and most of us don't get sponsors that often so discounts and deals are our great friends. These are some stuff I got from Beautybar and CLIO so lets jump to it!

CLIO unfortunately was closing at SM City Cebu so what was left was 70% off! Since I wont be seeing that brand anymore I just got whatever was left and I dont regret it.

Bought at: SM City Cebu Department Store
Price: Original Php 475.00 ($ 10.62)
Discounted: Php 95. 00 ($ 2.12)

These liner are really creamy,smooth, and pigmented because they are Gel Eyeliners in pencil form on the bottom part there is a very tiny sharper when you want a very sharp tip but you twist it up to get more product. And they have unique colors these are just the ones that was left but its all good I don't have these colors anyway.
Rate: 4/5

I was on the hunt for nice quality lashes so I went to beautybar and on that day the makeup angels lead to the right store because they had great deals on their lashes! the lashes looks natural but still full really light weight. Now I keep going back buying an praying they would NEVER run out. HAHA. The mirror though was just Php 40.00 ($ 0.89)
Bought at: Beautybar AYALA Center Cebu
Price: Original Php 275.00 ($ 6.15)
Discounted Php 76.00 ($ 1.70)

So think twice before paying full price. There might just be great deals around the corner and take note these brands are not cheap there are high quality.
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  1. OH WOW! Those are amazing hauls! From three-digit prices into two-digits!!! I wish I was very fond of makeup and bought those too! LOL. Nevertheless, great haul Steph!!! :)


  2. Wow!!! really great Stephy! grabe nice kau ang discount save jud ang peg. Love those lashes Steph. They look very natural, sure your clients will be so lucky to wear them!:)

    love lots,


  3. Lovely products, I like the crayon colors :)


  4. Oh great haul! I freaking love Clio eyeliners and would love another shade or two actually! I've bought a total of 4 shades so far and they are the only thing that last in my waterline!

  5. Wow! Great deals indeed! Good products at a very discounted price. :D


  6. Useful post.
    The lipstick is really amazing!

  7. Your blog is really amazing!
    Can't wait for your new post!

  8. I love that blue eyeliner. The Jewel toned Jade color is impeccable!
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