Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Stand Out on Your Wedding Day with These Unique Gowns

A girls wedding day is easily one of the highlights of her life it is the day that she and the love of her life will start their lives together as husband and wife or between two men and women the most important thing on this day is not the wedding but the marriage of the couple. So naturally she would want to celebrate this beautiful day with the gown of her dreams you need a fairy god mother to fulfill this dream because you’ve got Cocomelody at the tip of your fingers.

On this post I’ll share with you the stand out dresses I found while browsing through the site it not easy to narrow down my list but here are my favorites from their 2016 Wedding Dresses

If you want to stand out and not go with the traditional white dress this gray wedding dress is a very unique piece. It has beautiful appliqués which really compliment the dress.

This one really caught my eye because of the floral design and fresh colors are perfect for a garden wedding. It’s very unexpected and indeed very memorable.

This dress is absolutely stunning with the long lace skirt which is sheer enough to see a little skin underneath but the best part is you can remove the long skirt and have mini wedding dress for the party. I found this dress in their beach wedding dresses category which is perfect so you can enjoy the sand without worrying about a long skirt.

Which one was your favorite? And what do you like in a wedding dress? Please comment down below.

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  3. So glad to be able to read another post from you Steph! P.S I miss you and your blog! I hope you are doing great Stephy!!! advance Merry Christmas pud diay ui! hehehe my fave from the dresses above is the one with the floral design!!! cute kau! hehee

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  4. I am really skeptical for my wedding dress and venue. I haven’t reserved any of Chicago wedding venues we liked but next week will visit some venues to finalize them. Also hoping that I’ll get a beautiful designer wedding gown.