Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Clients for Prom

I always look forward for the month of February not just because its the month of Valentines day which includes chocolates and flowers but also for prom. Prom is a very special event for some girls its a time to get dolled up and spend time with that special someone or with your girlfriends and I absolutely love doing hair and makeup for clients who will be attending this event. on this post I'l be showing you the lovely clients I had during the prom season. 

These ladies were dentistry students from Cebu Doctors University

My assistant Maggie and I did hair and makeup for 9 girls one of them was in another room that's why she was not in this shot. I'm the one up front wearing a black top.

My client Krisha attended her high school prom
(Airbrush makeup)

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  1. WOw!! great job Stephy!!!!! I love how you make the more beautiful!!! Kudos as always!!! I really enjoy reading beauty posts from you Steph! I'm a super duper fan here!!! hehehe sayang wa ko kaabot ninyo ganina kasal April!!! miss you!!!!!

    love lots,


  2. awe, they look gorgeous steph! I hope I did a before and after shots with my client last december as well. I'm also doing a sideline as makeup artist. :) They all look gorgeous steph, congrats :)

    Rica | www.sassycebuannachic.com

  3. Good job girl! Please keep in touch! Yay for my blog giveaway!
    Qing's Style | @qingsstyle