Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Portfolio: Hair and Airbrush Makeup for Debutante

Long time no post! I thought I would get more blogging done over the summer but I cant seem to find interesting content to put up and all I've been busy about are my client and driving lessons but now I'm done with lessons and I don't have any booking coming up I have more free time. I will be showing you pictures of my client Jasmine who had her 18th birthday which is also know as a debut party for gilrs here in the Philippines.

My set up for the day

Hair and Makeup Artist: Yours truly Steph G
Photographer: AbrahamMagarun
Location: Bayfront Hotel, Cebu


  1. Love love love this post Stephy! your client looks much more prettier because of your talented hands! Hope she had an amazing party! Congratulations on the job well done Steph!!! <3 amazed as always here!

    love lots,

  2. Wow she looks so pretty! you did a great job ^^I hope she had a wonderful celebration :)