Tuesday, July 5, 2016

My Crazy Sun glass Collection!

This is gonna be a very quick post that's why I'm not trying on these glasses but I just wanted to share with you my love for funky sunnies. These are all the glasses that I own and not a single one is plain I'm always drawn to statement eyewear because I usually wear all black so I play it up with glasses. The only issue I have with these is finding the right case for them since the standard hard case are too small. 

Katy Perry Prism Collection (Claire's)
Around Php 800.00 ($17)
This is my everyday pair because it not too weird but not too plain. I bought these years ago in Claire's when Katy Perry had her Prism Collection and there still my fave.

Php 350 ($7)
This was on sale at ALDO and I thought they were cute I don't wear these often because the lashes get caught in everything like my clothes and hair, and its difficult to find a case for them.

Escada Sport
around Php 3,000 ($64)
This one was on sale too I got these for a very good price since this was originally around Php5,000 ($106) I only wore this twice and realized they were too too big for my face and my nose shape doesn't suit the frame (Pinay nose problems :)) nonetheless I refuse to part with them.

WWW (What Women Want) SM Department Store
Php 250 ($5)
I love the design so much that we got two one for me and one for my mom. The flowers are actually screwed into the glasses but you have to be very careful because they can fall off once the screws loosen up so you have to keep tightening them. I wear these mainly on the summer or when I'm on the beach.

Which pair do you like best?
Thanks for reading!
Take care!

With much love,
Steph G


  1. So fun & playful!


  2. So fab!

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  3. I miss reading your blog posts Steph! Glad to read napud. Maka busy jud work hayzz..anyway my fave is the one from Aldo Stephy! It's so stylish..maka remind nako sa kanang mga fashion designers during fashion week. lol
    Love the ones with flowers too! Not a fan of sunglasses, murag tulo ra naa guro nako lol don't wear them often too but I do love everything you own Steph!
    hope you are doing well

    love lots,


  4. adorable collection!! :D

    Have a great week!
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  5. Ahh the aldo ones with the lashes are my favorite of the bunch! I've ever owned like 2 pairs of sunglasses and they either got lost out at sea or I ended up breaking it. I own one right now, a cheap pair from bangkok which has survived more than a year so it's all good. I would love a pair of cat eyed shaped sunnies though! I think they are adorable.