Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Mini Korean Skin Care Haul from Cafe Darra Cebu

Ive been paying more attention to my skin because my goal is to get it clearer this year so I though I would change my skincare products and try more Korean stuff because they are well known for clear and youthful skin I drool over their flawless skin everytime I watch K-Dramas. My friend Marie told me about Caffe Dara here in Cebu, Lahug. She said that she has been buying her skincare and makeup there since its more affordable than buying them in malls, well you can buy the products online but I wanted to see what they have and i prefer physical store over online shops. So I finally got to go and I,m going to share what I got. 

3W Clinic Makeup Powder
Price: Php 250
I've been seeing this powder online for some time now and since I always bake my face I wanted to try something new. This does give a white cast if you take flash photography though. 

COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch 
Price: Php 170
COSRX is really trending when it comes to Korean skincare and this pimple patch as been getting a lot of hype. It come with 25 patches of different sizes and you simply stick it on you pimple when you sleep and take it off in the morning. I already used 5 patches but I cant say that I'm in love with it yet. 

Blumei Alo Vera Gel
Price: Php 70
Aloe vera is know to have a lot of skin benefits its smooths the skins and helps lighten acne scars. We do have lots of aloe vera plants here at home and that's what I usually use on my skin but for times when I travel or I'm too lazy to go outside and pick a leaf at least I have something I can use. 

The next time I go to Caffe Dara I'l take photos of the place you be amazed of how much stuff they have. What skincare product do you love? pleas recommend then to me on the comments section below. Thanks for reading!
Take care!

With much love,
Steph G


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    1. The next time I go I will take photos I failed to do it on the first time because I was in a rush and I was scared of the large dog in the store. hehe

  2. Steph hope you could make a post for makeup beginners like me haha (must have make up products in a makeup kit and suggested brands esp for oily faces) -laiza