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Hey there gorgeous! Are you on the hunt to fashionable, durable and reasonable priced bags? I got you covered! I bring you  Baginning is for fashionistas who will go to any length to keep up with the latest trends. Everything is feasible at the start, but there is always a yearning for more. Baginning has a large assortment of contemporary bag types such as totes, backpacks, fanny packs, satchel bags, and leather handbags. Bagginning is known for its professional designers and superb craftsmanship. They are made of high-quality leather to ensure a decent product at a reasonable price.

Here are some of my faves from their site. 

You can carry your items safely in a backpack. Their backpacks are water-resistant, lightweight, and flexible, and they offer the best protection for the items stored within. Using a backpack keeps your possessions closer to your body, making it more difficult for burglars to steal them.
Leather is sturdy and lightweight, and it can outlive just about any other fabric. If full grain leather is properly cared for and cleaned, it may endure for years. Plastic, carbon fiber, and cotton-based materials are not the same.

A clutch, often known as an evening bag, is a compact handbag that may be carried in your hand or under your arm. The Clutch is a small bag with no straps or handles that is typically worn for nighttime occasions to carry basic needs such as a phone, credit cards, or cosmetics.
Baginning recognizes that murdering animals for their fur has negative consequences for the community, the environment, and tourism, which is a major source of revenue. In support of animal rights, we follow a set of guidelines that state:
-For their goods, they do not do animal testing.
-When it comes to purchasing their products, we allow our customers to make informed decisions.
-They oppose animal abuse and mistreatment and support efforts to eliminate fur from fashion.
-Real fur is not used in their goods.
- They don't utilize feathers, leather, skins, or any other animal-derived products.
- they are adamant about not mistreating sheep throughout the shearing procedure.
- They don't sell or buy anything made from endangered animals.
So head on over to because your dream bag awaits you!


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