Mobray Polygel from Lazada Everything for Under Php 600 ($12)

 Doing my nails is how I relax paired with a good movie and a glass of cold beer🍺. My nails have never been strong enough to grow as long as I want it to so I have been experimenting with polygel it not so hard to do and I honestly enjoy the whole process of sculpting and designing my nails and if you want to see some of my design you can check out my instagram account sogmakeup.

 Today I will be sharing with you the polygel supplies I got from Lazada (Amazon of Southeast Asia) from the brand Mobray. If your from the Philippines and wanna check out the seller I got it from click LyFamily Beauty Shop.I chose this brand because its really cheap and it had good reviews overall. 

Here's what I got:

Php 49 each ($ 0.96)

Php 180 for both ($ 3.52)

Php 99 ($ 1.94)

Nail glue Php 20 ($ 0.39)

Spatula and Brush Php 99 ($ 1.94)

 Nail file Php 23 ($ 0.23)

My total =Php 587.15 ($ 11.50)

If you are not from Asia you are probably amazed on how cheap everything was and that normally what I pay for nail supplies and this brand is not the cheapest I could find. On my next post I will be sharing how I used these products and if I recommend them or not. Thanks for dropping by!



  1. You can do your nails while having beer? Sounds like amazing skills, to me! Hahaha. These tools and kits look quite new and innovative to me. Would love to see the creation of yours next time!

  2. Looks like you got a nice range of nail supplies and tools. And wow those prices can't be beat.

  3. These nail products sounds lovely and the prices are great. I'm keeping my nails relatively short now, maybe when the sun sets in they'll get stronger. :)

  4. These products sound great and their price points are amazing!

  5. Have a lovely day dear. Thank you for stopping by my blog.

  6. Super affordable great post!

  7. Their products look promising. Will check them!

  8. Wow naman. Affordable nga naman.


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