Saturday, December 17, 2011

Simple Subtle Glitter Eyes

This eye look uses subtle glitter perfect for the holidays or even on a night out.

List of products i used for the look

Lids: ELF eyelid primer (pearl)
        Silver shadow ( Ever Bilena / Painted desert palette)
        Silver Glitter ( Ever Bilena)

Crease: Brown shadow (fashion 21, 48 color set bottom right)
Highlight: White eyeshadow (fashion 21, 48 color set bottom left)      

Liners: Black pencil (Ever Bilena)
           Black gel liner (Victoria's Secret "Make Me Gorgeous" quad)

Mascara: San San Long lashes

The colors that i Applied on my lids i applied on the bottom lash line to complete the look. you don't have to use the exact same products use what you have and be resourceful. Hope you like it!

with much love