Thursday, January 31, 2013

Nail Polishness :Sassy Nail Art Polishes

I love creating nail designs and for that I need nail polishes intended for detailed designs. Today I'm going to share with you guys the polishes I use to help make achieve patterns, prints, line and dots. These are very affordable and with some practice they are quite easy to manipulate.

Price: Php 36.00 ( $ 0.88)
Available in: Watsons or SM Department Store

 When you twist the top off it reveals a very thin and long brush also know as a Stripper.

The very tip of this nail art polish has a very small opening so that very little polish comes out and this makes it perfect for dotting, no need to use a dotting tool!

One coat of this polish is quite good but the colors are not as vibrant or opaque as I want them to be.

I often use two coats to get the opacity I want.

I absolutely love Sassy Nail Art Polishes and I intend to get more colors in the future. So if you wanna try making your own nail designs this product will come handy for you :D

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

ELF 48 Piece Little Black Beauty Book

If you travel, do makeup gigs or maybe you just have to bring your makeup with you somewhere a large palette can be a pain in the butt! and a pain to carry in your bag! So when I saw this ELF palette sitting on the display I stared at it for a couple of seconds mesmerized by its cute and compact packaging.

 Price : Php 399.75 ($9.82)
Purchased at: SM City Cebu Dept. Store
48 Cool eyeshadows
Dual ended eyeshadow applicator

I wanted this particular edition because of the cool colors, and I couldn't get the warm edition with neutral colors because they were out of stock but its okay because I have more than enough neutral eyeshadows.

You can see how compact it is because I can easily hold it with my hand.

Swatches of random shadows, unfortunately some are not as pigmented as the others.

-Has a mix of glittery,matte and satin finish shadows
-Affordable = Php 399.75 ($9.82)
-Has a good variety of colors
-Very cute and compact
-Sturdy packaging

- Not all shadows are as pigmented as the others

Overall i really like this palette and I recommend it to anyone who carries makeup around,if you wanna play around with a bunch of colors to choose from or just to anyone who just loves makeup!

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Msdressy Giveaway! $80 Msdressy Gift Voucher (CLOSED)

Here with a wonderful giveaway organized in collaboration with Msdressy, an online store that I love because of all their amazing formal dresses! Do you want to discover it too? Follow the simple rules below and you'll have the chance to WIN A $ 80 GIFT VOUCHER! Ready? Go!

1. Follow me blog on GFC or Bloglovin ----->

2. You need an account at Msdressy, please make one if you haven't yet;

3. Like Msdressy on Facebook;

4. Leave a comment here with the email you registered in Msdressy. This is very important so they can send you the prize!

I will choose the winners via The giveaway closes in two weeks!
Good luck!

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ravishing in Red : Beautiful Gown from

This year I want to be a part of more photo shoots, not as a model or photographer of course but I want to do the hair and make up for the model,styling of the outfit, picking of the location just and anything to help create a beautiful photograph. And I got to do it a few days ago featuring a stunning red gown with gorgeous beading from provides you with a wide selection inexpensive wedding gowns, prom dresses and any formal wear a girl can dream. They have great prices, a huge variety of gowns and dresses to choose from and they ship worldwide. Don't worry about garment not fitting right because they make the dress with the measurements you send them spot on and you can see on the photos that the gown fits the model like a glove.
 The rich red shade looks absolutely stunning and luxurious, the beading on the chest area adds more sparkle and glamour perfect formal events. Its a flowy gown but you can spread the bottom part and see it follow the wind.

So if you are looking for that perfect dress for a special occasion do check out and you will find it. You may also find yourself wanting more than one dress :D

Model: Marielle Joy
Hair and Makeup : Steph-G (me)
Photography: Alain Lee

I hope you like the pictures!
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Monday, January 7, 2013

Nail Polishness: My Christmas nails with step-by-step guide

Most of my fabulous readers liked my Christmas Nail design a few posts before so I decided to make a step-by-step guide since its really easy to do and you can choose any colors you desire.

You will need:

I do hope you can try this out because you can do this design with any colors you want.
I hope this helped :D

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Beauty cosmetics: Face Perfection Brushes

To me having the tools in doing makeup is very important, the right brushes and techniques will make the makeup look blended. So I have always been on the hunt for affordable and good quality brushes and luckily I found great brushes in fabshopaholic, they sell makeup, accessories and of course brushes form Beauty cosmetics. Beauty cosmetics has a variety of great quality brushes which are more affordable compared to other companies.

Price: Php 850.00 ($ 20.77)
Purchased at: fabshopaholic
I got the Face Perfection Brush set because I dont have any brushes that looks like these and I do not own a lot of face brushes.

These are not really the names of the brushes its just how I call them .

-Affordable (Php 850.00 ($ 20.77) )
- Available in Pink and Black
- Does not shed

Its not the easiest brushes to clean because its dense and has white bristles

They have awesome costumer service, they get back to right away when you have any questions or concerns. So if you are on the hunt for great quality and affordable brushes definitely check them out.

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Nail Polishness: My Holiday Nail Designs

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year, may 2013 be a wonderful year for us. This is just a short post on my nail designs during Christmas and New Years Eve, I wanted to do my nails to make it feel more festive and its always fun.

Christmas Nail Design
-Just a blue base color and placed silver and black diagonal lines-

New Years Eve Nail Design
-Gold base color and I added black asterisks then placed tiny silver dots. I really like how it turned out. -

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