Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Portfolio Recent Clients and My New Makeup Storage

Hello Beautiful! Today I've be showing you some of my recent clients and my new makeup storage! 

Hair and Makeup for Ms. Astrid on her Graduation
I have done Astrid's hair and makeup several times so I know what shes likes and she prefers lifted eyes and nude pink lips Astrid has one of the most flawless skin I've seen so she doesn't need a heavy foundation.

Hair and Airbrush Makeup for Model Alexa
I did hair and makeup on the beautiful model Alexa for a photo shoot over at The Mangga Studio here in Cebu. I used airbrush makeup because I want it to look as natural and flawless as possible I also airbrushed some parts of her arms and legs so it looks more even. I will be showing the final photos wen I get them this is just a sneak peak :)

NOW! for my newly made baby! HAHA! I have been searching for a makeup storage in stores but I cant seem to find the perfect one so my dad offered to have one made for me so I gave him a copy of the very famous Alex drawer from Ikea. Almost all of the beauty gurus on Youtube use the Alex drawer because its perfect to house makeup since my collection isnt as large as theirs I have the smaller version and I'm absolutely in love with it! (Pardon the dead plants apparently I'm not capable of taking care of them)

I have already transferred my collection here so the next step is filling up every last inch of this which lets be honest isn't hard to do :) I also need acrylic dividers to sort out the makeup.

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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Review: Pritech Hot Rollers

Waz up? Long time no review! I've been busy/lazy these past few weeks with explains the lack of post but here I'am! If you don't know what hot rollers are and how they I'm here to help you out a little bit. I got these hot rollers from LAZADA for my freelance hair and makeup kit this is a faster, easier, also bulkier way of curling your hair you just heat them up then put your hair in the rollers wait for them to cool down and release the glorious curls. This saves up so much time because you just wait for it to cool down and you can do your makeup while that happens.

Pritech HS-8470 Professional Rapid Hair Styler
Price: Php 1.899.00 ($ 42.80)
Available at : LAZADA

In the box you have:
- Heating box
- 20 flocked rollers
- 20 butterfly clips
- 20 metal pins

There is a metal sheet across each row for the rollers and this heats up the rollers.

Excuse the nails. The each roller has a slit in the middle so when you put it in the slot it can absorb the heat.

Once you turn it on it heats up for 4 mins and automatically shuts off.

I used this on my cousin Bea for her 18th Birthday dinner party so before I did her makeup I placed the rollers.

While I was doing her airbrush makeup the rollers can now start to cool down.

It is time to release the curls!

Ta Da! Big voluminous curls! Looks great right?

- Easy to use
- Time saver
- Reasonable priced
- Automatically shuts off

- Bulky to carry around
- It gets heavy on the head
- It can also feel warm on the head
- Curls does not last as long as a curling wand/ iron does

My Rate: 4.5/5

If you want something to give you looser curls or waves I definitely recommend this especially if your like me and curling wands are like dumbbells for your arms . HAHA. And if your doing hair and makeup for several girls this saves precious time.

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Friday, March 6, 2015

Haul: San San, Beauty Fix, and Pucker Up

Since I've done quite some damage on online shopping last month this all what I got from the month of February I've been good right? These are new products I found at HBC and Watsons I picked these up because I wanted to try out more locally available products so I don't have to keep paying for shipping their much more affordable:)  I will put a little review on the products I've already used. 

Here we go!
Beauty Fix Peel Off Masks
Price: Php 22.00 ($ 0.50)
Available at : Watsons and SM Department Store
I REALLY LOVE the Oil Control and Detoxify Mask it really improved my skin and its cheap! I use it three times a week and I really do see the difference so I highly recommend it. You can skip on the pore minimizing one because it not that good.

San San Pressed Powder
Price : Php 111.00 ($ 2.52)
Available at: HBC
I haven't tried this one yet but I think they just repackaged their regular press powders. But I like that they place the manufacturing and expiry date on the box so you know when to throw it out.

San San Eyebrow Pencil
Price: Php 63.00 ($ 1.43)
Available at: HBC
This is just their regular eyebrow pencil in number 3 which I have been using for years and years and you should totally try it. And it also shows you the manufacturing and expiry date.

San San Lip liner
Price: Php 63.00 ($ 1.43)
Available at: HBC
I do not like this lip liner at all because it smells exactly like coloring pencil you the ones you use in art class and its not smooth and its so difficult to sharpen!you cant even get a sharp point and it easily breaks.

Pucker Up Lip Gloss Set
Price: Php 97.00 ($ 2.19) ! from Php 300.00+ ($ 6.77)
Available at: SM Department Store or Watsons
This set came out during the holidays of 2014 and it originally cost around Php 300 plus so I didn't bother to get it because I rarely use gloss and I'm not familiar with the brand but I found it with an insane discount so I had to try it out and I'm pleasantly surprised! Its really nice its not sticky or thick although it has an artificial bubble gum scent its bearable so if you can find this at this price BUY IT!

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