Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Haul : ZALORA is the Perfect Place for Presents

Since its the Holiday Season there has been a lot of Hauling lately and instead of being a part of a ridiculously long line in the crowded mall I decided to shop online at ZALORA because there's a wide variety of products plus I got to enjoy free shipping at that time. I paid by Cash On Delivery which is awesome because its risk free and you don't worry as much if your package hasn't arrived yet, they do text you on the day that the delivery guy will arrive and if you cant claim it your self for some reason you can have authorize someone else to claim it if you have an authorization letter like me I was out in the afternoon so my mom got it. These are gifts that I will give out so I wont really dig into the products I'm still waiting on a few more packages to arrive but I'll show you what came today.

And if you are a new customer at ZALORA use the code "ZBAPQF9S" upon check out to get 15% off your first purchase! 

First you see this envelop which has your receipt and return policy. 

Its Show Time T-shirt 
Show Time is a famous variety noon time show here in the Philippines and I know someone who's a huge fan of the show and she picked this out herself.

One of my best fiends Elaine loves bags small or large so I picked out this cute silver bag for her we usually exchange gifts after new year.

I'f you want to try out risk free on line shopping have a look at ZALORA there's items for men and women definitely something for every one and again if you are a new customer at ZALORA use the code "ZBAPQF9S" upon check out to get 15% off your first purchase! 

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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Haul : Etude House 20% Off Sale!

Starting Dec 26 til Dec 31 all Etude House products will be 20% off! This is the time to stock up on some faves and try out new products. I have been wanting o try out their new liners and I finally got some thanks to this sale and in this post I'll share to you what I got and in the end I'll give you my list of recommendations so hurry up guys visit your nearest Etude House store.

Original Price : Php 1,098.00 ($ 24.58)
Discounted Price: Php 878. 00 ($ 29.65)
This is actually my moms purchase but I decided to show it anyway because of the very pretty special packaging and the great thing about this packaging is that a portion of what you pay for helps children go to school.

Original Price : Php 378.00 ($ 8. 46)
Discounted Price: Php 278. 00 ($ 6.22)
I have been wanting to try out these Play 101 pencils and I finally have some I love the range of colors and you know me I always pick out the most unusual colors you can use these nice girls (my version of "bad boys") as eyeliner, blusher or lip liner! Well maybe no the blue one. HAHA

Original Price : Php 298.00 ($ 6.67)
Discounted Price: Php 238. 00 ($ 5.33)
I wanted to get their regular lip and eye makeup remover but they ran out of it so I went ahead and tried out the more pricey one. Is it just me or are the words on the bottle not make any sense? "All Finish", "Pearl Mascara", "Who Are U".. say what???

Who doesn't like freebies? I went twice that's why I got quite a bit of free samples.

Lip and Eye Makeup Remover
Eyebrow Pencils
Eye Shadow Brushes
BB Creams

Let ne know on the comments below your face Etude House products and I might try them out if I still have money left.HAH
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Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Have you heard of the word Quinceanera in magazine and movies but don't really know what it means? Well lets find out together Quinceañera is the Spanish word for a girl who is 15 years old. Among Latinos in the United States, quinceañera also is the name given to the coming-of-age celebration on a girl's 15th birthday. The quinceañera has its origins many centuries ago when both boys and girls participated in rites of passage so its kinda like what we have here in the Philippines we have Debuts for the 18 year old girls where there’s dancing, gifts, dinner and traditional activities . Teen girls love this celebration because the night is all about them and you are the only one who gets to wear a ball gown awesome right? If you celebrating your 15th birthday and looking for quince dresses than SweetQuinceaneraDress is the place for you! This site is also perfect for debutantes who are looking for a show stopping dress to wear and on this post.

If I had a ball for my 15th or 18th birthday I would go all out and wear a huge ball gown at that age I most likely would wear something that would make me feel like a princess even just for the night and can we just look at this dress right here! It is absolutely stunning heck I would even wear it again on my wedding hoping I’m still the same size. HAHA. I love the light lavender color of this one and the embroidery is exceptional when I saw this one I literally stared at it for a good minute.

This one would really stand out in photos it’s a very refreshing shade of green not as big as the first one but just as pretty.

I love pink I still do today this dress to me is the ultimate Barbie gown. I assume Barbie has a whole warehouse full of clothes and I’m convinced that this one once belonged there I’m not ashamed to still love Barbie I have two elder brothers so I never had a sister to play with growing up I've had a doll ever since I could remember and now I’m 21 and I still check out the Barbie section of toy stores she is and will always be part of my life.

I purposely picked our classic looking dresses because you don’t want to look at your photos one day and say “What in the world was I thinking?” and this dress is the perfect example it’s a classic white with gold detail that never goes out of style a ot or renaissance dresses had the similar pattern and it still looks stunning today.

I hope you liked what I picked out and do browse around SweetQuinceaneraDress and you might just find the dress for you!

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Princess

Did you love Disney Princesses when you were a little girl? Did you watch Princess Diaries over and over again in your teenage years? Because if you did your just like me! At one point in a girl’s life we dream of becoming a princess to be of royal blood because fairy tales made it look so exciting with all the parties you attend to, living in a humongous castle and meeting the ever dashing Prince Charming who will sweep us off our feet and waltz the night away. Well... as much as we love to day dream about the storybook life we badly want we snap ourselves back to reality and do our homework or listen to the teacher or whatever were supposed to be doing at that time.  But suddenly! Prom is coming up our one chance to treat ourselves like royalty and finally have an event to wear that dress you've always wanted you may not have a pumpkin turned as your carriage more like cab, a limo, or your parents car and you may not have a fairy godmother around the corner but don’t worry PickeDresses is the next best thing! You can drown yourself with hundreds of choices form the site it may be too much to take in but I've browsed through their Montreal Prom Dresses and I've chosen a few that reminds me of that princess dress. 

When I think of a princess dress I vision a more structured top and a flowy bottom. This dress is very pretty taupe color that looks great in almost all skin tones its very elegant but still trendy.

The color and fabric of this dress is stunning the fabric itself has a slight sheen and still has that airy sway. The embellishment on the top reminds me of a tiara so if you’re not prom queen at least your gown has a crown right? HAHA

This color looks amazing on tan skin it looks kind of similar to the second dress but also different this has two tones a lighter colored fabric lined the beautiful violet see through and the embellishments went deeper in the bust area.

I saved my favorite for last I know it’s not the usual formal evening gown but that’s what I love about it! First of all I love black and white so this combination is spot on for me, the flower detail on the top and bow around the waist looks more modern and fun than the usual stone embellishments and can we just look at all that tulle I know it’s a lot and makes the dress huge but it still follows you movement as we can see I the picture. Just add you sparkly accessories and off you go princess!

You don’t have to be a princess to have your custom made dress just browse around PickeDresses and I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for. Go ahead! We don’t get all dolled up often so make the most out of it and never forget the best accessory of all is you smile.
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Monday, December 15, 2014

Portfolio: Clients and Photo shoot for December!

December is one of the busiest months for us parties are coming up, there's shopping to be done and for me this is the time of the year where I get the most clients because of all the company parties and us girls love dressing up and taking lots of photos so we want to look good and that where a Hair and Makeup artist such as myself come in I love it when I get opportunities to glam up clients because its what I love to do it doesn't feel like work plus I learn a lot from experience so here are photos of what I did.

Killer clown
This has got to be the most bizarre looks I've done my cousin Joanna had their Students NIght and it was a Horror themed party so she chose this killer clown look I learned from Madeyewlook 

Maid of Honor
This is my good and beautiful friend Astird I mentioned her on a previous post post and she was the maid of honor for the wedding of Rhose and Edwin the couple I did hair and makeup for their Pre Nup Photo shoot. I went for a fresh and flirty look she has gorgeous plump lip and one of the best skin I've ever seen she only need the lightest coverage of foundation (so jealous..)

Christmas Photo shoot
This is one of the highlights of my year its been long since I worked in a photo shoot I've been busy but now that I'm done with school I had the chance to do a Christmas themed shoot and when I say do a shoot I mean coming up with the concept, preparing the props, come up with the hair and makeup looks and sometimes also the outfits. These three stunning girls are actually cousins the first one is Chad who I've just met on the shoot and is a doll, the last two are Nina and Naomie who are sisters I've done their makeup several times so I'm very familiar with heir features their beautiful work was a breeze. The photographer is Sir Gio Pesodas a talented guy whom I've worked with so many times at Mangga Studio here in Cebu. 

Elaine (Left) one of my oldest and closest friends and her older sister Michelle (Center) had their company party on the same day and Ate Michelle's co-worker wanted to get her hair and makeup done as well so a total of three clients in one day. Elaine's party was Bohemian themed and Ate Michelle's party was Hollywood themed I know her hair has intense curls I did that because it was a long drive to the venue and I wanted it to loosen on the way.

I hope you like the photos and thank you to all my clients who trust me to do their hair and makeup for special events
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Friday, December 12, 2014

Color Trends for 2015!

If you’re attending prom next year look on trend by wearing beautiful dresses hottest color trends. I was browsing through the Toronto Prom Dresses of the website PickeDresses and I found a lot of beautiful gowns that I would personally love to wear given the chance I don’t know if I’ll attend formal balls because I’m done with school even when I was in college we didn't have event that’s appropriate for a long evening gown but a girl can dream right? PickeDresses doesn't only ship to Canada but worldwide and just to let you know they have awesome prices for the quality your getting its worth every penny or peso in my case they even have beautiful dresses under 100 Canadian dollars so if you’re looking to buy one or even just for inspiration I highly recommend you to check it out.  Enough with the rambling here are my picks!

This is a perfect color for the ladies who love cute things the soft pink shade is absolutely adorable, the tulle shirt is very reminiscent to a Barbie gown, and the length is very unique not too long so you can show off your beloved shoes because to me shoes are just as beautiful as dresses.

This is a lighter take on green you know not like Christmas tree green this shade is very refreshing and looks beautiful on almost all skin tones. I love the strap on the side I don’t have to keep pulling it up so the girls don’t spill out and honey it’s not cute when look bangin in you dress but constantly have  pull up the top and the slit gives you more room to walk around and show a little or a lot of skin. HAHA

Now if you don’t really like wearing color Grey is a great choice you don’t have to wear a long gown this cocktail dress is just as stunning and grey looks great in photos plus there’s a smaller chance of someone else wearing the same color. Pair this dress with killer heels and your ready for prom.

Blues and Teal
Blue and teal dresses reminds me of my favorite Disney Princess Cinderella I grew up reading that story and her gown always during the ball looked amazing in the story book so I've always wanted a similar dress, I really like the embellishments around the neck no need for a necklace just simple earrings and the detail around the waist looks very slimming.

What color do you like best? I love all of them best if I had to choose one I would go for the blue dress. I have two more posts for prom dresses and I hope they will be helpful for your hunt.

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Monday, December 8, 2014

Aviva Dresses Got You Covered for Every Occasion!

There are a lot of online stores that specializes in dresses like Wedding dresses, Prom dresses, Evening dresses, Cocktail and this time I'll introduce to you AVIVA DRESS its based in the UK and it is also a family owned and operated company for over ten years!
AVIVA Warehouse
AVIVA Showroom

 Needless to say that every dress is made with love and quality and the best part is their prices, getting a designer to create a dress for you can great really expensive trust me I've asked around and some even asks the design from you which we all get from the internet right? So why not get it from an online store who has served many happy customers and pay half the price all you go to do is send them your size you can pick out from a huge variety and it can get overwhelming so filter it down to the color, length or fabric of your choice .

I was browsing around the site and I thought of sharing with you dresses that I would love to wear for four different occasions which you can wear over and over again just change up your accessories hair and makeup and you’ll be good to go. 

Blue hues are a big trend next year so keep the colors blue an teal in mind when looking for a dress your bound to look trendy in prom, I just love the embellishments on this gown they were very generous with the bling just a simple makeup look and hair style and let this gown make the statement. 

This cocktail dress is perfect for a cocktail party (Duuh..) and semi formal parties if your looking for a dress you can wear several times go for a black one or neutral colors because colorful dresses usually pop in photos so it makes it more memorable for people but with this its very easy to mix it with different accessories to change the whole look.

If were to be a brides maid I would like to wear something comfortable and easy to walk in I don't want to be looking after my dress the whole day long pulling up the dress when ever I feel it slipping down. This cut is perfect its not strapless but he one shoulder still makes it elegant and the mix of two textures make it very modern and as you can see it looks great in photos.

Last but definitely not the least is the stunning evening dress perfect for formal events can we just look ate the beautiful detail on the straps its an unexpected place to place embellishments on which makes it very unique and this body hugging  dress is well worth the diet and work out I think this over all look is gorgeous with the simple up-do and a neutral smokey eyes.

I hope you liked what I picked out and do check AVIVA DRESS for your gown needs
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Friday, December 5, 2014

Be a Head Turner at Prom!

We are two months away from prom season here in the Philippines so you may be looking around for THE DRESS even if your prom is still months away its always a good idea to start hunting down that dress so you have more than enough time to find your accessories and shoes .When your find the right dress its kinda like love at first sight your just know it’s the one I had same feeling when I found my dress and believe it or not I got use it several times after prom. I found PickeDresses and fell in love with a lot of their Toronto Prom Dresses I wish I had this much choices back then I had to go in boutiques and I was always worried that someone would wear something similar so I bought my gown miles away from where I lived I’m not joking it was a 3 to 4 hour drive! Just to make sure I wouldn't bump into somebody with the exact purple ball gown because prom isn't a cute time to be twinning dear. The site is not limited to just prom dresses they have tons of pieces appropriate for every special event in your life.

For this post I’m going to show you my Head Turner choices these are for all you ladies out there who’s not afraid to show some skin don’t worry it’s still prom appropriate, if you have been busting your butt of working out honey you better get the most out of all your hard work and rock a gorgeous gown you don’t get a lot of chances to get all dolled up so make it memorable by slipping in to something that will show your assets.
If your school allows you to wear a cocktail dress this stunning black lace dress is sort of a cocktail dress with a lot of lace to me this is the perfect mix of sexy and classy.

For my slim babies show off your slender body with this hour glass shaped dress I love that the silver bead work is like dripping into the pink fabric.

Cut-outs is a huge trend right now and the little amount of skin showing at the sides is gorgeous especially if your don’t want or can’t show some cleavage.

And for my final pick is this body hugging shop stopping white gown I think that the strap adds just the right amount of sparkle to the look no need for any necklace just a simple pair of earrings and you’ll definitely turn some heads but do note that white can be a little tricky to wear so be extra cautious about stains and dust.

I hope you liked my choices there are tons more at PickeDresses so head on over there! I will be doing more posts like this I hope you check them out, comment down below which dress you like the most. 
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