Thursday, October 16, 2014

Nail Polishness: Fall Favorites from Revlon

Okay there's no such season as Fall here in the Philippines all we get is rain fall so we cant keep up with the trending fall fashion because its not appropriate for our weather but sporting some fall colors on the nails is totally fine and doable so stick whatever you want on your nails the weather dosnt matter but it may be hard to pick your nose. HAHA. joking... I got this set from my Ate Jen for my birthday and I though the colors are perfect for the colder months. 

The set come with 3 gorgeous red shades all full size.

My favorite among the three.

All of the swatches here are two coats their not quick dry but I noticed they dry a little bit faster than other brands and if your wondering what those dots are on the top their tiny swatches of the color so I can easily see what shade they are you can see how I did that HERE!

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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Hair and Makeup for a wedding guest Mrs. Rowena using airbrush makeup!

Hi there! okay I'm not gonna ramble about why I've been gone for so long because its not that interesting of a story I have been super busy with my practicum or internship so thats that.

 But I did get to squeeze in a makeup job for Ate Rowena who is Kuya Gio's wife, Kuya Gio has photographed a lot of my work and consistently delivers amazing photos because of that I owe him a lot so there was no way I would pass out the chance to do his wife's hair an makeup for a wedding. Fortunately I got my own Airbrush makeup from BeautyHD as an early graduation gift and I used it for this look. This has been in my wish list for the longest time and I'm super happy I finally have it :) I wont go in to much detail about this airbrush yet because I will be doing a more in depth review on it soon. 

So here's some photos of the look
That's me this is one of my rare posts that I show you what I actually look like :)
Kuya Gio took these photos hence the great quality compared to what I take. Haha

As you can see the airbrush makeup really gives a flawless and natural finish on the skin.

Products I Used:
Tony Moly Green makeup base
Revlon Photoready Foundation (I used a little bit for areas that need more coverage)
BeautyHD Airbrush System
San San HD cncealer
Face Shop Powder
San San two way cake
Revlon blush (Wine Not)
MAC Bronzer (Solar Riche)
Smashbox Fusion Soft Lights (Baked Starburst)
LA Girl Pro Primer
Smashbox Studio Pop Eyeshadow palette
Avon Eyliner
Maybelline Hyper Curl Mascara
San San Eyebrow Pencil #3
Pinkies Collection Eyebrow Cake #3
Maybelline lipstick
MAC Lipstick (Pet Me Please)

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