Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Makeup Haul and Review: Beauty Bar and CLIO

As much as I love makeup it pains me to pay full price so when my eyes meet the SALE sign I get supper excited for me its better to spend when I get massive discounts in that case I can get more stuff, save money, and have more products to blog about because being a blogger doesn't just mean you review stuff and most of us don't get sponsors that often so discounts and deals are our great friends. These are some stuff I got from Beautybar and CLIO so lets jump to it!

CLIO unfortunately was closing at SM City Cebu so what was left was 70% off! Since I wont be seeing that brand anymore I just got whatever was left and I dont regret it.

Bought at: SM City Cebu Department Store
Price: Original Php 475.00 ($ 10.62)
Discounted: Php 95. 00 ($ 2.12)

These liner are really creamy,smooth, and pigmented because they are Gel Eyeliners in pencil form on the bottom part there is a very tiny sharper when you want a very sharp tip but you twist it up to get more product. And they have unique colors these are just the ones that was left but its all good I don't have these colors anyway.
Rate: 4/5

I was on the hunt for nice quality lashes so I went to beautybar and on that day the makeup angels lead to the right store because they had great deals on their lashes! the lashes looks natural but still full really light weight. Now I keep going back buying an praying they would NEVER run out. HAHA. The mirror though was just Php 40.00 ($ 0.89)
Bought at: Beautybar AYALA Center Cebu
Price: Original Php 275.00 ($ 6.15)
Discounted Php 76.00 ($ 1.70)

So think twice before paying full price. There might just be great deals around the corner and take note these brands are not cheap there are high quality.
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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Vintage Bombshell!

I love fashion just like any other girly girls out there but I especially love underwear I do own some pretty unique pieces of bras because even if no one will see it when I see myself wearing it it makes me very happy. I have a taste for more vintage looking lingerie they look cuter and provide more support and I though I'd share to you the lingerie that I love from Adore Me and the accessories that I thought would compliment the look.

As you can see this one covers up more skin but it can also be sexy I'm not saying that you should go out with this and a big floppy hat on those are just accessories that can really add to the look and a poping red lip brings out the vintage feel of the piece.

I hope you like what I came up with!
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Steph G

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Get Longer Luscious Hair!

For special occasions sometimes we wish that we had longer and fuller hair to achieve that voluminous and bouncy curl that makes us feel like a million dollars but don’t have enough hair to do the job. Well don’t you worry because I got the solution for you! UUHairExtensions offers a ton of hair extensions fit for every hair type and length. Here's a few that stood out to me.

So in order for you to dye, straighten, or curl your hair you mush use 100% human hair extension because synthetics ones may be cheaper but you can’t freely style it that way you want to plus real hair looks natural and realistic.

If you have some highlights going on your extensions must match as well and UUHairExtensions offers 100 human hair extensions which cost just a little over 100 dollars!

Now if you like me and you have thin straight hair that stays flat this is the perfect choice for you! It come in all hair colors but you can easily dye it the color that you have on case you have a fun bright colored hair. This will definitely add volume which unfortunately not all of us are born with.

UUHairExtensions also carry micro loop, bonded, and tape hair extensions which lasts longer than clip in but do require a professional to put them on so if you are willing to commit the site can hook you up as well.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Here in the Philippine NIVEA is having a 50% OFF SALE on EVERYTHING! This sale ends on May 9, 2015 so head to your nearest department store or Watsons and grab your essentials. I will list down the prices below and also a little review on what I got.

NIVEA Roll on Deodorants
Price: Original Php 82.00 ($ 1.84) each
Discounted : Php 41.00 ($0.92) each
I have been using NIVEA deos for  years and years and I do not plan to use any other brand because these smells amazing and doesn't darken your skin.
NIVEA Cream Deodorant
Price: Original Php 174.00 ($ 3.91) each
Discounted Php 87.00 ($ 1.95) each

NIVEA Sunblock
Price: Original Php 234.00 ($ 5.25) each
Discounted Php 117.00 ($ 2.63) each
Just started using this before applying makeup and so far so good its light weight and absorbs into the skin fast plus sun protection is essential especially this summer season. 

NIVEA Lip balm
I forgot the price of this one and I gave it to a friend but I do know that this is really hydrating and gives a slight tint to the lips.

NIVEA Facial Wash
Price: Original Php 90.00 ($ 2.02) each
Discounted Php 45.00 ($ 1.01) each
This facial wash smells sooooooo good if only I can bathe in it I would! I feel that this really cleanses my face after a day with full makeup I recommend this more than the charcoal one because I do not like the scent of that. 

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