Monday, October 17, 2016

Hair and Makeup for Ms. Cristal and Ms. Naomie

I recently did hair and makeup for Naomie for her 18th birthday and Cristal for her Ring Hop ceremony. Here are some of the photos of the look I did.

For Cristal's ring Hop Ceremony I did a dark eye look with red lips because that was what she requested, she wore a beautiful red gown so she had a little red theme going on. We kept the hair up so she wont be bothered during the event and it suits her off shoulder gown. 

Namoie had a very unique 18th birthday instead of the traditional formal parties debutantes usually have she opted to keep it fun, colorful, and festive. Here party had a Colors and Lights Festival which meant a colorful eye look and a more chill hair style. I will include some photos of the party so you would have an idea of how that event was set up. 

Instead of 18 Roses she had 18 shots
After the party she had colorful powder thrown all over the place and all over everyone.

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Steph G

Monday, October 10, 2016

Benefit is Here in Cebu! Products, Prices and Photos

If your from Cebu you most probably already know that benefit opened a boutique in SM Seaside which is really exciting because we dont have a lot of high end or high street makeup brands here in Cebu. So when I visited the store I took some photos of the products available and their prices, sorry if the photos are not taken that well I just used my phone and I was kinda rushing because I was thinking that taking pictures is not allowed. I didnt get to photograph all of the products but I did manage to snap a hand full.

They have like a mini make over station where the offer brow grooming and waxing. I really want to try their Eyebrow tint because one of the girls in the store said the tint can last up-to a month!

I rally like the layout of the botique because it spacious, neat, and very pink. Let me know if you find this kind of post informative because I will be doing more to keep updated with the products and prices. Thank you so much for reading!

Steph G