Thursday, February 26, 2015

Review: beautyHD Advance Airbrush Kit

 I wanted an airbrush system for so long because you always hear about the "flawless airbrush finish" that companies claim their foundation will give you and I really cant tell if that's true because I've never tried airbrush makeup before so I decided to get the real thing then one night while I was watching YouTube I came across beautyHD and I immediately knew what to ask for my graduation gift HAHA! plus I had a 20% off coupon code last year which made the price even sweeter. I picked out the advance kit so I could play around with a good number of their Second Skin Airbrush Makeup and this set came with 8bottles. I've had this kit for about 4 months now I use it on my clients and I'll be sharing the Pros and Cons. 

Everything was in one box and came home to me safely. And you can just imagine how excited I was opening this box.

It came with 8 beautyHD Second Skin Airbrush Makeup and I placed mine in a lipstick holder which houses them neatly.

Price: Php 6, 999.00 ($ 159.14)
Available at :

Easy to carry around
Excellent results (flawless look)
Long wearing

Cleaning the gun can be a bit of a work, you have to remove each part and clean it then put it back together. And you must clean it after you used it for the day but I all guns needs to have a proper cleaning after using not just this one.

RATING: 4.5/5

My Tips:
- Always clean your gun with water before using to make sure no makeup is left from the last use and this prevents it from clogging.
- Always clean it with water if you want to use a different color makeup.
- Be VERY careful in cleaning the gun especially with the nozzle its very tiny you can break it easily or loose it.
- Practice your technique on paper there are lots of work sheets available online all you have to do is print it out, stick it on the wall and practice.
- Do not fill the gun with makeup it might spill all over, trust me I've done it a lot.

Here are some looks I did using this kit
Wedding Guest

Wedding Guest

Pre Nup Shoot

Pre Nup Shoot



Most of my clients choose airbrush makeup especially on weddings so they look more natural and fresh with out the caking and it lasts through out the night. I don't really use this on myself because one I don't wanna clean it every single day, second I cant buy the airbrush makeup in stores so I have to save it for my clients and lastly I want use this on a formal event to keep it special :D

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Rose Institute of Cosmetology and Pharmacy

After college one of my goals was to enroll in makeup or beauty school but there arent a lot to choose from here in Cebu and after scouring the internet I finally decided to enroll in Rose Institute of Cosmetology and Pharmacy if you live in Cebu I'm sure you are familiar with Salon de Rose and Rose Pharmacy several branches are located all over Cebu this is the same company that started the school they offer courses in Cosmetology and Pharmacy so their students are absorbed in to their salons and Pharmacies.
Images sourced from Google image

The istitution is located in Colon, Cebu City just across Metro Colon and above McDonalds. I took a 10 session course in Makeup  which only cost me Php 4,690.00 plus additional Php 700.00 for my ID and uniform we had to war a black polo shirt every time you attend class. Their makeup course is very flexible I get to choose when I got to school and at what time just as long as I finish my 10 sessions and I usually stay there for 3-4hrs.

I would like to apologize ahead for the quality of the photos I only brought a digital camera with me. These are photos of the Cosmetology rooms the Pharmacy classrooms are upstairs and I don't go in there.
After painstakingly climbing 2 flights of stairs you will enter the reception area as you can see the school has a very studio feel to it with plain grey walls and concrete floors. The door to the right leads to the faculty room, administration office and hair supplies for the students.

This is the classroom for Facial classes.
Most of the Hair Dressing Students are in this room.
This is my classroom its the largest one so some hair dressing students join me here when it get too crowded in their room which is nice because I have company and I get to see the process of hair cutting and treatments. The rooms are full air conditioned so even if this scourging hot outside

This is my routine when I go to class:
I arrive at 10 am
10am-11:30am I do about 1-2 looks on a model depending on how long the look will take
11:30 am- 12:30 noon is my lunch break
12:30 - 2pm I do another look for a model

-I have to bring my own makeup and brushes
-I have to have a model, my friends modeled for me for a week and the following days I had hairdressing students as my models, sometime people come to the school to get free hair cut or hair treatments that are way cheaper then in salon because students do them and they want to get their makeup done as well I don't get paid for doing their makeup they serve as my model for the day.

 I do not advice beginners to enroll here because the instructors are not trained to be teachers they used to work at the salon and the school hired them to work there so they are used to do hair and makeup its their profession but not necessarily teach it. Since I've read books and did makeup on clients and shoots I already had an idea of the basic stuff you need to know and YouTube was my teacher for years.During class I create a look on a model and my instructor assess it and teaches me new and old techniques to improve the look which are very effective and helpful. But there are no lectures for makeup only hairdressing. Overall, I'm glad I took a course here I will be receiving my certificate form TESDA which was my purpose and I got to learn a lot from an experienced makeup artist Sir. Alfed, I made new friends, improved my time management in doing makeup and so much more. If your interested to see some of the looks I did in class and what I learned during the course I'll be glad to do so.

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Friday, February 6, 2015

Online Shopping Haul: ZALORA and Digital Traincase Makeup

My hauls just keep coming that's because I did a lot of online shopping for the month of January it was seriously the most shopping I've done in one month and I do not plan to keep that up I need to control myself and save more. But for the mean time I'l share to you what I got if they are still available I'll make sure to link them below.

 Can you see how ginormous this box is! I placed my watch on the table so you set an idea of the size its the biggest package I've received.

From Libebi Shop
This necklace this perfect for plain colored tops which I always wear its very festive right?

From Collection 
I want to try out these pencil type of shadows because their easy to carry around and I've been using this and I LOVE IT! stays on all day and its easy to blend.

When it rains here in the Philippines it rains hard and there are days when you cant stay in you have to be somewhere so might as well go out with cute boots right? its a maroonish color kinda like Marsala which is everything this year I really like it because its very wearable color and because its high cut i can walk through flood which I hope wont have to but this one is here to help me.

I was Screen Shopping (online version of Window Shopping) and I saw that Digital Traincase Makeup was having a clearance sale on the NYX lipstick I only paid Php 50.00 ($ 1.13) for  each! there weren't a lot of shades left so I only got what was available too bad they only have one shade left now but its not a wearable color. 

I got these because one their a great deal and two I need to expand my lipstick collection for my kit and fortunately I don't have these colors yet.

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