Monday, May 22, 2017

New Arrival Dress has the trendiest dresses for you!

I cam e across this website NewArrivalDress and I was surprised to see a lot of unique and trendy designs that they have. They have very unique necklines and used lace in different ways. I'm going to show you some of the cool designs that I loved. If you want to see more of their avant garde pieces just browse around their site. They have wedding dresses, prom dresses, evening dresses, homecoming dress and even quiceanera dresses.

I think this piece is very unique it shows the shoulders and has a flowy sleeve which is very trendy right now, but its still very sexy and elegant with the mermaid silhouette. This is perfect if you are going for the shabby chic look on your wedding day. 

They have a great selection of short homecoming dresses, Short dresses are much more comfortable to dance around in and you wouldn't have to bother yourself or you date to drag around your dress. I really like this outfit because its two piece you can wear it as a pair or to get more bang for your buck you can also wear it  separately and style them together with pieces from you own closet.You can wear the crop top with a long skirt of any color or wear the short skit with a more simple blouse. This look is very fun and feminine and why not rock it on a special occasion.
For any special event I would love to wear this lace dress with the slit in front. There's something very classy about this dress like the use of lace and its not showing too much skin, plus you can show off your shoes because if the slit that open when your legs show.

If your looking for a dress or even just some inspiration for your look don't forget to check out the site and be inspired. Thank you so much for reading! Take care.

With much love,
Steph G

Sunday, May 21, 2017

SM SALE MINI HAUL: Discounted Beauty Items + Review

SM is well known for their 3 DAY Sales and they just had one this week in SM Consolacion here in Cebu. I didn't get a lot due to limited budget but I did get what I need. Il be listing their original and discounted price and a small review about the products. 

Miine Brush Set for Brows
Original Price: around Php 150
Discounted Price: Php 42
Im not exactly sure what was the original price of this set but it was over 100pesos. I just needed spade tweezers for my freelance kit so I picked this up since it was less than 50pesos. If your looking for some tweezers try this one out because its a good deal.

Loreal Infallible Foundation
Original Price: Php 700
Discounted Price: Php 350
I love this foundation so when I saw it was half off I had to get one. I use it for myself and for clients, Ive always had the glass bottle packaging so I wanted to try this in the plastic tube which will be perfect for traveling. I totally recommend this foundation if you have oily skin or just want good coverage.

  SCINIC Coco Nut Lip and Eye Makeup Remover
Original Price: Php 369
Discounted Price: Php 170
I saw this makeup remover on the Korean cosmetics shelf it caught my eye because it says Coco Nut so I picked it up since it was more than half off and it was a huge bottle. I does smell like coconut oil but its really faint so it doesn't bother me at all and most importantly it doesn't sting the eyes. So if you still see this on sale definitely give it a try.  

euroo Sonic Facial Cleanser
Original Price: Php 699
Discounted Price: Php 559
 This is the main reason why I went on the sale I really wanted to try this electronic facial cleaner because Ive never had a legit one before. I come with a silicone brush for cleansing and 3 cotton pads for makeup application.

  It fits perfectly on your hand.

You only need one AA battery.

Front and back part of the soft silicone brush

This is what it looks like with out and attachment it just has a velcro.

I attached the cotton pad on the velcro.

You can set this on medium and high speed using the power button on the upper right. It does get the job done you can feel the vibration on your face when you use it but the head itself doesn't spin around the whole thing just vibrates. I wouldn't say that its really amazing that you have to try it but I will keep using it maybe three times a week.

Thank you so much for reading!
Take care!

With much love,
Steph G

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Find Your Dress for Every Occasion with!

There comes a time in every girls life wherein she needs to wear a dress whether it be Prom, shes one of the bridesmaid or the big day where shes the bride. There are lots of places where you can find your perfect dress and one of them is Their site offers a huge assortment of Bridal gowns, Prom dresses, and even Bridesmaid dresses, name the occasion and they will have the outfit for you. I have picked out some of my favorites and I hope you would like them as well and there lots more to choose from their site.

Who says bridesmaids cant look good? The site has lots of beautiful lace bridesmaid dresses they come in different colors and length. I think lace looks very feminine and romantic perfect for a wedding day.

For prom you can look timeless in a vintage prom dress. You can look back on your photos years after your prom night and not cringe. This dress is a mix of sweet from the lace top and sexy from the long slit on the skirt.

Since its the summer time it would be perfect to have an outdoor wedding, there are lots of choices form their beach wedding dresses category. This high low dress not only looks great in photos but it makes it easier to walk and dance around on the beach.

I hope you liked the pieces I picked out and trust me there's a lot more where those came from so check out the site yourself. Which do you like best among these three dresses? Thank you so much for reading and take care!

With much love,
Steph G