Friday, March 29, 2013

Shoe Makeover!

I have a lot of free time in my hands now thats its summer vacation and I wont be attending summer classes and this is usually the time when I get creative and do some fun DIY (Do It Yourself ) projects.

Do you have a pair of shoes that needs a little summer touch? I have a fun and easy DIY showing you how to cute-tify (if thats a word) anything that you already have to make it more summery!

You will need: 

Any design of fabric will do, as long as you like it.
I got my Fabric Glue from Ace Hardware for Php 200.00 ($ 4.89) 

 I used fabric glue to attach the bows on the shoes.

I hope you learned a thing or two on this post and get inspired to revamp items you already have instead of buying new ones. I hope you try this DIY this summer time, this can be a great activity for you and your friends or if you wanna have craft time alone.

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Monday, March 25, 2013

HBC Haul

I get a lot of stuff from HBC because they have great products for a good price and if you make a purchase of Php 600.00 ($ 14.68) you get a free Diamond Peel facial and if you are a Member of HBC you need to make a purchase worth Php 400.00 ($ 9.78) for a free Diamond Peel facial!! Awesome right?

San San Two Way Cake #3
Price : Php 135.00 ($ 3.30)
-I use this everyday and even on clients-

Facial Cleaning Sponge
Price: Php 39.00 ($ 0.95)
-You get this sponge at first and its hard as a rock but when wet this sponge and it softens, great for cleansing the face and remove makeup-

San San Foundation Cream
Price : Php 147.00 ($ 3.60)
-A new product I want to try out and its the perfect shade for me-

San San Polishes
Holiday Collection (Midnight Opal) - Php 45.00 ($ 1.10)
(Sea Green) - Php 37.00 ($0.91)
-You know I love polishes and these colors caught my attention-

San San Eyebrow Pencil # 3
Price: Php 55.00 ($ 1.35)
-One of my favorite eyebrow pencils EVER-

If you're from the Philippines do check out the HBC stores, they often have sales, they also sell hair color, skin care and lots of beauty related goodies.

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Friday, March 15, 2013

Really Red :Photo Shoot with Hannah

Hannah is one of my most dearest friends and she happens to like dressing up for the camera which is perfect because I love dolling up girls and its sort of our way of bonding. If you have been reading my blog posts for a while on you will notice that I blogged about her 18th birthday pics which is HERE. She is beautiful inside and out and its always fun having her around.

Here are the photos:

Model: Hannah Mae
Hair and Makeup: Steph-G (me)
Photography: Alain Lee

These photos were just done outside of my house, nothing fancy we just wanted to have some fun.I did change her hairstyle three times just to see which style fits her the most.I hope you liked the look I did on her. And which hair style did you like best?

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Nail Polishness : News Print Nails with step-by-step guide

A few of my classmates asked me how to create a news print nail design, so I showed it to them in class and I'd like to share with you guys as well. This is one of my favorite design to do because it looks really cool and easy to create.

You will need :

I hope you try this easy nail design out.
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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Fashion Haul : Purchases and Gifts!!

I love sales! who doesn't? especially when its a brand that you love. These are my recent buys from AWESOME sales thats been going on in the mall.

XOXO Lindsay Shoes
Original Price: Php 3,999.95 ($ 98.25)
Available at: SM City Cebu
Alaya Center Cebu
I wanted to have more heels for photo shoot purposes. I always prefer my models to wear heels.

SO FAB Heels
Discounted price : Php 500.00 ($12.28) 
I dont know the original price but Php 500.00 for a pair of heels is a great deal for me!
Available at: SM City Cebu
Ayala Center Cebu

Shopaholic Vest
Original Price : Php 500.00 ($ 12.28)
Discounted Price: Php 250.00 ($ 6.14)
Available at:SM City Cebu, Department Store
SM Consolacion
I love vests and jackets so I'm always excited to see stuff like that on sale, plus I LOVE black clothes.

 H & M Silver Clutch
I didn't purchase this, this was a gift form my Ate Jen and I thought I'd include it here. Thank you Ate Jen! This is my first H&M item because they do not have a store here in Cebu :(

Forever 21 Sweater
This is another gift from my Ate Bam, I love long sleeve clothes and I think this piece is really cute. Thank you Ate Bam!

I hope you're inspired to look for awesome items at the clearance section or sale section because there are a lot of fabulous finds! and you save A LOT!
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