Thursday, August 30, 2012

I Got Bitten by the Blog Bug !!

 I Got Bitten by the Blog Bug! The lovely blogger Iya (iyaboto), awarded me the Blog Bug Award which was created by Nicole (axonsanddendrites). I suggest that you check out their blogs and follow them as well, they are awesome Pinay bloggers who writes about beauty and lots of other cool stuff :D
Here are the rules once you are awarded/tagged:

  • If you are given the Blog Bug award, You must answer the questions that follow and the title of the post should be "I Got Bitten by the Blog Bug"
  • You must give the link of where you originally got this award, and you can tag as many bloggers as you want. Link their pages on the post and also inform them through comments in their blog. :)
  • Optional: You must post a banner corresponding to the site that you are using to blog in your sidebar and it should link back to your post about the Blog Bug Award.


1)When and Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging early this year, I simply wanted to share my thoughts about beauty related topics or 

products and I also want to read and learn from other bloggers.

2)What do you love to blog about and why do you like it?
I love blogging about nail designs and makeup looks I did for other girls.
I enjoy sharing my ideas to others and getting feedback on my work, it may not
be the best but I know with practice I can improve what I love doing.

3)How did you get your blog name?
My blog name used to be "Lahlab" which is my nickname, but I changed it to "Steph-G", because  
Lahlab didn't seem right for me to use as a blog name it was kinda weird. My first name is Stephanie and my last name starts with a G..

4)What do you think is your best post yet?

If I had to choose it would be my last post the Glitter Galore with step-by-step guide, I received a lot of 

positive feedback which I initially didn't think I would get becauseI didn't think anyone else other than 

me  would like it :D 

5)What is your inspiration for blogging at present?

From other bloggers and the readers who takes time to read what I write about, reading the comments 

and knowing that I get feedback really means a lot to me.

6)Message for your readers:

Hi guys! I would want to thank each one of you for following and reading my posts. I appreciate all the 

comments I get so I try my very best to respond to each one even if it is just a short response. I hope 

you will continue reading my future posts and more power to your blog as well. Take care always!

Bloggers I would like to award:

Cristina Soriano (paintfacereview)
Laviña Jampit (lavinajampit)
Phenomenal Abby (phenomenalabby)
Wanderer (
Iya (iyaboto)
Christine (mypoeticisolation)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Glitter Galore with step-by-step guide!

I played around with all my glitter polishes last night,
and unsurprisingly they all landed on each nail.(Haha)
It may look too much for others but I've gotten a lot of
compliments on the design so I thought to blog about it..
I looks really pretty when it sparkles in the light, You
can do this design as an accent nail if its too much for you.
I hope you like it!

Here is a Step-by-step guide on how I did this design:

These are the polishes I used in order from left to right.
I misspelled the "Bobbie" on the last polish, Sorry,

STEP 1: I painted my nail a gray color for San San in the color CLOUDY GRAY.

STEP 2: I coated it with a gold glitter polish using San San's GOLD GLIMMER.

STEP 3: Using a chunky pink glitter polish from Tony Moly (GS02),
I placed it on the bottom part on my nail.

STEP 4: I placed Bobbie's THE BIG BANG in the same area I placed the pink glitter
and a little further down towards the tip of the nail. And top it off with a top coat,
I used Bobbie's BASE COAT (I didn't have any top coat)

Thank you so much for reading my blog guys,
Have a lovely day!

With much love,

Friday, August 17, 2012

Diagonal Black Tips

I'll be doing a quick post about my current nail design.
Its another simple and easy to do design, very familiar with Diagonal French Tips
from my last nail design post. I really like how it looks so I decided to do a back version of it.

Just paint black polish diagonally towards the tips of your nails, you can also use tape to 
protect the part of the nail which you do not want to paint and this
technique give you a very clean edge, then top the back portion with gold glitter.
Finally seal everything with a top coat!

Hope you guys like it, Have a lovely day!

With much love,

Liebster Award Nomination

I have been nominated the Liebster Award by the every lovely Nisha of nishalooks,
Check out her awesome blog, she writes about the trending fashion and other fashion related posts.
I'm super happy and thankful that she did, so THANK YOU SO MUCH Nisha!

The Rules:

1) Post 11 things about yourself.

2) Answer the questions the tagger has set for you. In addition, create 11 questions to be answered by those you have tagged.

3) Choose 11 bloggers and link them in your post.

4) Go on their page and tell them you have tagged them.

5) Remember, no tag backs!

 11 Things about me:

1) I love doing makeup for other people, it always excites me to learn new techniques on different faces.

2) I fear LIZARDS!!

3) I love children, I usually get distracted by their cuteness.

4) I do not enjoy cold places, it gives me colds and makes me lazy.

5) I always carry a HUGE BAG, because I carry my life with me :D

6) I do not eat Spaghetti, I cant stand the smell of tomato sauce.

7) I love pizza, It may have tomato sauce but I cant really smell it on pizza. Weird huh?

8) My favorite color is Purple.

9)Ever since I learned to do fill in my brows I do not go out the house if my eyebrows are not filled in, I really like by brows to be defined.

10) If I do not have classes in the morning I usually get up at 10am, and wake up with a  massive head ache!

11) I always write in cursive,I was taught to write in cursive when I was 6yrs old and have been writing in cursive ever since. 

Nisha's Questions for me:
1. What is your favorite accessory?
A statement necklace and edgy glasses,they really add a lot in an outfit for me.

2.  What is your favorite movie?
As of now, it The Avengers. I especially love Iron Man!
3. Who is your FASHION ICON?
Charlize Theron, shes such a beauty and looks great with anything.

4. What is your favorite brand of clothing?
I like Forever21,Candies, and brands found in the SM Department Store

5. How often do you go shopping?
Whenever there's extra money to spend, not often.hehe

6. If you had one million dollars what would you do with it?
Id use some of the money to buy a house and lot for my family, and donate to Special Educations schools.

7. Flats or heels?
Flats, Although I love heels and the height it gives me but it can be a pain.

8. How would you describe your style?
Most of the time I'm very casual, but I like dressing up at times, it fun :D

9. Describe what would be your perfect day?
Wake up at 10am, hang out from noon til 5pm, dinner with my family and watch a movie before i sleep..

10. Favorite place to be?
             Karaoke room with my family :D

11. Favorite book?
             Crazy,Busy, Beautiful by Carmindy .

1)What is your favorite food or dish?
2)What is the one thing you find irresistibly cute? 
3)Where in the world do you dream of visiting?
4)What is your favorite makeup brand?
5)What do you always carry around with you?
6)Do you enjoy a warm or cold weather?
7)What could you do for hours and still enjoy it?
8)Would you rather wear skirts or shorts?
9) do you use a PC or a laptop?
10)What is your favorite clothing brand?
11)When are you most happy?

Bloggers I nominate:

Monday, August 13, 2012

Birhtday Haul :D

I turned 19! Horraaaay!!!!
I had loads of fun during my birthday, classmates and schoolmates greeted me in class and
even around the hallways. I received messages wishing me a happy birthday, and indeed it was.
When I got home I enjoyed a lovely dinner at home with family and friends.

 My delicious Mango cake from Leonas Cakes..

Heres what I got for my birthday, I 'm in no way trying to brag.
I would like to share what I wanted as presents. I thank God for all
the blessings,for the 19yrs He has gifted me, and for the loved ones I have.

 Phone cases and Charms..I use a Galaxy Y phone form Samsung.

Finally a new USB Flash Drive,I keep loosing my USB's and I promised myself not loose this one,
 its about the size of my thumb, super cute. I love the design.

My ever sweet schoolmates gave these paper roses to me, the big yellow
one is filled with lovely messages.Thank you girls!

Of course my Dollface Cosmetics palette and NYX lipstick in Chaos.

Thank you so much again to everyone who greeted me on my birthday!
Have a wonderful day lovelies! 

With much love,

Friday, August 10, 2012

Dollface Cosmetics and Dolled up Studio

I got to go to the Dolled Up Makeup Studio Supply here in Cebu last Aug,6 to get
my very first Dollface Cosmetics palette for my birthday.(Thank you kuya for buying this for me !)
And I also got to meet the beautiful owner Pearl, who was very accommodating and friendly.
I have been wanting to have a Dollface palette for a long time now ,
so I finally decided to get one for my birthday. And I have been
absolutely loving it.

This is how the store looks from the outside.
And that's Ate Pearl behind the white shelf.

A stash of beauty goodies the store has for sale, you can visit
Dolled Up Makeup Studio Supply to see in detail what they have.

I got the 42 Matte Palette for Php. 950.00 and a
NYX lipstick in "Chaos" for Php.200.00

I'm very excited to play around with the palette,
If your from Cebu or visiting Cebu I suggest that you
visit the studio. There's a bunch of goodies to choose from.
I'll definitely purchasing more in the future.
Click on the links to find more about them, I think they also
conduct makeup classes, literally about makeup..hehe

Have an awesome day!

With much love,

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Happy Birth Month to August Celebrants!

Today, August 8 is my Birthday!!! :D
I would like to thank all of my followers and readers for reading my blog
and writing comments and responding to my posts. It really means
so much to me the you are taking the time to visit my blog.You 
all have made my special day even more special. Thank you all so
much for the appreciation to my posts and I will do my
very best to respond to all of your comments and read all of
your lovely posts as well :)

To everyone celebrating their birthday today and
for the whole month of August..

With much love,

Sunday, August 5, 2012

My Girls

I did the hair and makeup for this shoot, the lovely models are my closest friends that I met in High school.
But now that we are all college students and studying in different universities we seldom see each other.
I asked them if I could use them as models and of course they whole heatedly agreed. 
It was really fun doing the shoot with them. Time went by so fast while we were together.

" Friends don’t have to understand, do you favors, hold your hand, 
care for you, give you courage and see you through. 
Friends don’t have to be but they do."

Marielle Joy

Astrid Rose

Maria Janelle

Niña Maey
I know I still have so much to learn but it was great to have this experience. I am not in any of the photos because I was too busy in the dressing room and I had zero makeup on . In case you were wondering my friends and I are 19yrs old of age. Spending time with them is always fun for me.

The awesome photographer: Gio Pesodas,
 He was really great to work with and very talented.

Thank you so much for reading!

With much love,