Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Presents

First of all I I wanna say that I'm in no way trying to brag about what I got, I love seeing what other bloggers got for Christmas and I thought this would be fun to do since its my first Christmas with this blog or as a blogger, I'm very thankful for everything I got and all the blessings the Lord has showered upon me and my family. I'm always excited for Christmas presents so here it is..

All black and sheer tops, you can actually see the lights from the back.
I love black clothing, I have a lot of black thirsts because I like how it looks, but dont get me wrong I do wear colorful clothes as well. The brand of all of these is STUDIO, purchased in SM department store.

A very cute mug and two pink polishes.

I got the Face Perfection brush set form Beauty cosmetics and I love them, I will do a separete blog post about these, And an ELF highlighter that I have always been curious about.

An adorable stud earrings from Claire.
Long dangling earrings from Accessorize which unfortunately will close all their Cebu outlets in Dec 31 :(

And some essentials.
I'm greatly thankful for everything and for all of you who greeted me a Merry Christmas in the comments. I would love to know whats your favorite Christmas gift.

Thank you for reading!
Take care! 
And may you all have a prosperous New year!

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Angels Collection: My very first Angels Collection Bag

Angels Collection is a brand that sells genuine high quality leather products like bags,wallets,luggage and the like.
My mom is a fan of their bags because they are durable and the material doesn't flake off, through the years she has collected several of them and I have always wanted one of my own. This Christmas I'm so blessed to have my very first bag from Angels Collection all thanks to my parents, I wanted his bag for such a long time now and I'm ecstatic to finally have them! Again I'm so happy and thankful for this awesome gift :D

 Purchased at: Angels Collection boutique, SM City Cebu
Price: Php 4,800.00 ($116.62)

I chose this bag (I have no idea of its name) because I love its shape, it kinda looks like a box which I find very unique, it has a bit of silver hardware and makes it look edgy but still classic in a way and of course I got it in black because I can use it in any type of outfit and I know its not exactly an affordable bag so I made sure I get it in the color in which will never go out of style and last me for years and years.

Top left- Overview of the front part of the bag which has a slanted pocket
Top Right- The back part is completely bare
Bottom left- On each side it has this sort of old school looking lock which opens
Bottom Right - The logo of Angels Collection

Photos of the botique

As you can see the boutique is filled with a huge variety of leather bags in different colors. From time to time they have great sales which they give 50% discounts on selected bags.

Their branches here in Cebu:
SM City Cebu, North Wing
Banilad town Center
Marco Polo Hotel Cebu

If you are from Cebu or visiting the Philippines I suggest you check out their branches and you may just fall in love with their bags :D

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With much love,

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Aizilym Haul : Inexpensive accessories store

If you are form Cebu, Philippines you've probably heard of  Aizliym or actually shopped there. The store is know to have a wide variety of accessories at a very low cost, the store is always jam packed with shoppers especially when its around Christmas time. I'm going to share you what I got for Php 198.00 ($ 4.82)

Neon Green Bracelet - Php 27.00 ($0.66)
Neon Pink Bracelet - Php 23.00 (0.56)
Neon Orange Bracelet with spikes - Php 22.00 (0.54)

Large Owl Earrings - Php 16.00 ($0.39)
Strawberry Stud Earrings - Php 30.00 ($0.73)
Gold Dangling Earrings - Php 20.00 ($0.49)

 2 in 1 Joint Ring - Php 35.00 ($0.85)
4 Finger Gold Ring - Php 25.00 ($0.61)

Everything I got is really affordable and thats what I love about the store, they have so much more so if you're from Cebu definitely check it out. But I do advice you to bring a fan and a hair tie because its freaking hot in there! and please be careful walking on the streets of Carbon and always keep you valuables and bag close to you.

Thank you so much for reading!
Take care!

With much love, 

Nail Polishness: Let it snow! with step-by-step guide

5 days without internet connection was awful! Now I'm back with a Christmas themed nail design with a guide of how I achieved this design, its quite easy to do so i hope you get to try this design for yourselves.

I hope you liked the design as much as I do, and I hope this as helpful.
Thank you so much for reading!
Take care!


With much love,

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Pinkies Collection Eyebrow Cake

Ever since I have always just used brown eyeshadow to fill in my brows, and it works perfectly fine but it is such a hassle to open up or bring a huge palette to get one shadow. So I finally got myself an eyebrow cake solely for filling in the brows. Pinkies Collection is a brand that a lot of Philippine beauty gurus and bloggers talk about so I told myself "Why not?"

Pinkies Collection "Eyebrow Cake" # 3
Price: Php 169.00 ($ 4.12)
Purchased at: Watsons, Ayala Center Cebu

As you can see there is not a huge difference between the two photos but the brow that has been filled in looks more defined, polished and its more visible. I do not over draw my brows because it would just look really fake , but if you can rock strong brows then go right ahead :D

-Available in different shades
-Cute and compact

-At first the lid was so hard to open, 
but after a few times of using it opening becomes easier
-Doesn't come with a wax

I think its a good product, the quality is okay nothing really amazing, I do wish it came with a wax rather than another brow shade.

If there is a great eyebrow powder that you like please do comment below so I can try them out :D
Thank you for reading!
Take care!

With much love,

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Nail Polishess: Panda and Christmas

In this post I'll be showing these designs that I had and have on my nails.
Sorry there will be no step-by-step guide because I do not have the time to photograph each step as of now. I hope you like the designs :D

 This Panda design was requested again by my friend Niña, and I think they look so cute!

 Christmas Nails
This is my very first Christmas themed nail design, on the middle and thumb finger I have a gift and on the rest of the nails is just a glittery green based color with slanted red stripes.

I hope you like the designs!
Thank you for reading and as always take care!

With much love,

Saturday, December 1, 2012

James Cooper Products

I was wanting to try out these cream foundation products from James Cooper for a while now and finally decided to get it. I've heard a ton of great reviews about these so I'm very excited to finally have them.

Compact Cream Foundation
Price:  Php 550.00 ($ 13.48)
Purchased at:  Watsons, Park Mall Cebu
-This foundation has great coverage and easy to blend into the skin, and it doesn't feel heavy at all-

Photo Ready Foundation
Price: Php 550.00 ($13.48)
Purchased at :Cosmetics Department Store, SM City Cebu
-I like this product because it has three different shades so I can mix them to match the skin tone for a client, I can also use the shades for highlight and contour-

Aqua Germany Lip Liner # 812
Price : Php 150.00 ($3.68)
Purchased at : Watsons, Park Mall Cebu
-I do not know why its called Aqua Germany but i did get it from the James Cooper Stall, this liner is very smooth and quite pigmented-

I really like these products and I want to get more products from James Cooper because they have great quality, Even if their products are made in France I think this a Philippine based brand, not sure though.
I do suggest that you try out their products if you get the chance to.

Thank you for reading,
and Take care!

With much love,

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Japan Home Center Mini Haul

Whenever I'm in Park Mall here in Cebu I cant stop myself from getting in Japan Home Center.
The store is filled with lots of stuff for the kitchen, bathroom, office and storage supplies and even yummy snacks! but my favorite part is the cosmetics/beauty section. They have a lot of neat things for makeup application like tools, storage boxes, lashes and so much more. And everything is either Php 66.00 ($ 1.60) or Php 88.00 ($ 2.14).

-This is the entrance and a few pics of the beauty section, I wasn't able to take photos very well because the guard was right behind me! -

These are the products i purchased, both in the color pink :D

This is the Cleaning pad,  I think its made of silicone and is used to gently exfoliate the skin when you are using your facial wash.
 It has a little handle where you can hold the pad. and you can see that the handle is sort of deep, its actually a suction cup so you can stick on your mirror or sink after using so you dont loose it.

A closer look of the pad, you can see the brushes/bristles or whatever you wanna call those tiny things that exfoliates your skin :D
Price: Php 88.00 ($ 2.14)

These are Eyelash tweezers, and its used to have better grip of the lashes while you put them on, its ideal for lashes because it has a pretty long tip so it hold the false lashes better. The only issue I have with this is that the metal is quite strong so you have to hold it firmly. 
Price: Php 88.00 ($ 2.14)

Japan Home Center always changes their stocks, so if you dont buy the item you want right away, you may not find it again the next time you visit. And you never know what new stuff you can find whenever you get to the store :D

Thnak you for reading!
Take care!

With much love,

Monday, November 26, 2012

Nail Polishness: Lady Bug With Step-By-Step Guide

My fiend Niña requested for a nail design very similar to this and I finally got around to doing it.
Its actually quite simple to do and the colors you need are very basic.
And I totally forgot to do a step-by-step guide on this design on my nails so I'll be doing it on fake nails instead.

You will need the following:

And for the rest of the nails I just did a French Tip with red polish and outlined it with a black striper, and of course topped off it with a clear coat.

I hope you liked the design and found the guide helpful :D
Thank you for reading and take care!

With much love,