Saturday, January 31, 2015


I have been buying stuff online more than I should and I need to make sure if I really need the stuff I'm getting and I'm happy to say for this haul I did just that plus a little something from my dad :) This is my first haul from LAZADA its an online shop here in the Philippines but I think they have this site in different countries what I love about LAZADA is that you can pay by Cash On Delivery which means you only have to pay once its delivered to you which makes it risk free. Secondly, you can also reduce your price with a voucher code. Visit to find the latest voucher for Lazada PH. I bought these at different times so they didn't arrive at the same time but even if you order more than one item it will not arrive at once some will be delivered a little later.

Even when I was little I always enjoyed sewing and when I grew up these mini sewing machines were available but they were expensive back then and I got more in to makeup so I kinda forgot about it but when my dad showed this to me I was so excited so he got it for me :) now a days these are more affordable and you can chose form a huge variety. I watched tutorials on how to operate this little machine and its easy once you get the hang of it I was so excited when I got this and I told everyone in my family that by the end of the day I already made 5 evening gowns! HAHAH just kidding guys I doubt this machine can make gowns and I don't have the skills for that :D
Price: Php 828.99 ($ 18.76)

It came with a free sewing machine which is AWESOME! filled with everything you would need.

I have wanted hot rollers for years! so you can just imagine my excitement when I found this on LAZADA,hot rollers is much easier and faster way to curl your chair you heat up the rollers in this toaster looking thing then roll it in your hair and remove it after 20 mins. Curling my clients with a curling iron hair can really eat up my time so this would definitely help it may much bulkier but I don't care as long as it gets the job done.
Price: Php 1,900 ($ 42.99)

I have an airbrush system from beautyHD I use on clients and models and I have been using up my Golden Honey shade so much and I need a brand new one I like this brand and its very affordable but I think I'l be purchasing a different brand next time just to see what works better.
Price: Php 399.00 ($ 9.03) 
If your going to browse around Lazada I have good news for you. You can get discount codes at its a site where you can find discount codes for various sites not just Lazada, great right? You find out more if you check the site.Thank you for reading !
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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Get Long Luscious Hair with CCHairextentions

Some of us re not blessed with naturally voluminous hair mine is very straight and thin so how can we get that full, long, and luxurious look hair? Hair extensions of course! I'f you want to have longer hair for an event I suggest clip in extensions but if you wanna keep them for a longer time go with hair weave extension and you can get all that from CCHairextentions ! This site sells 100% human hair extensions of various material, texture and length so you are assured to find one that's right for you, they ship world wide via UPS and DHL.

Here are my picks that would suit my hair and a little about what these are.

My hair is black and straight so this one is perfect for me. Clip in extensions are very easy to put on the top part of the hair holds tiny but durable clips that you just snap on your actual hair but you must put these under a section of your natural hair to blend the extension to your own hair.

Here are videos to show you how to put them on

I don't really need a weave because clip in extension are enough for me but I did want to show you that I found one that I would like. You can put a weave on you self honey trust me! you definitely need a pro or expert on this. All your hair needs to be braided in a pattern and the hairstylist will sew on the weave into the braids, yes sew! This takes much more time to install but it will last a lot longer and a weave is perfect if you really want to change the texture of your hair.

I hope you learned a little something here and if you want to try out hair extensions you should go to CCHairextentions they even have tape extensions these type of extensions are attached to your hair with an adhesive it could last for 6-8 weeks but you also need a professional to install them one.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Doll Up for Prom with GBridal!

Its January and here in the Philippines prom season is February so it just right around the corner so ladies if your attending one you better prepare right now! Choosing the right dress could be stressful you don't want to show up and realize another girl is wearing the exact same dress right? So if you want a truly unique look GBridal can help you out. Don't let the name fool you it may say Bridal but they have so much more than wedding gowns they have evening gowns, cocktail dresses for any occasion imaginable from Prom to Quinceanera, Homecoming, Sweet 16, and they even have a selection for graduation dresses talk about choices! They use high quality fabric, romantic lace, luxurious crystals, they even hand sew very intricate embellishment and embroidery all to make sure that you get the best quality dress and of courses to look your best because for us girls a dress is much more than pieces of fabric sewing together with beads to us it is art and it take so much skill and work to produce a stunning dress and we average ladies only get to attend formal events a few times in our lives might as well wear something that you always imagined youself in.

In this post I'll be sharing you my picks in three different categories and why I think they are perfect for Prom. Click on the photo and it will lead you directly to the website :)

For those girls who have legs for days or who just love cute cocktail dresses I think a short prom dress if a good choice for you. If you look closely or go to the site you would see that the bust area of this dress is embellished with beautiful white feather a very unique touch to me this resembles an iconic White Swan ballerina dress.

If your planning to turn some heads this stunning Red Dress will do that for you, for the more the ladies who dont want to show much skin this one is absolutely perfect first of all this is huge and covers majority of your body all you'l be showing are your arm which are technically covered with the nude material that's holding the stunning embellishments no need for a necklace and bracelet honey.

Last but most definitely not the least is is A-Line Black Dress my closet is filled with black clothes its too dark in there I cant really tell whats in there so this dress is one of my favorites there something in black that always looks classic, edgy, and sophisticated to me especially when worn with some bling like the one you see on the dress here you are bound to sparkle.

If your planning to buy a dress of looking for inspiration GBridal has got you covered check out their beautiful Prom Dresses and I'm sure you will find what your looking for!.

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Friday, January 16, 2015

Portfolio: Christmas 2014 Shoot (A Closer Look)

Back in November 2014 I planned a little photo shoot with the concept of Christmas I've always wanted to do looks for the Holiday season and I had much time on my hands this was also made possible by our photographer Sir Gio Pesodas of Mangga Studio Cebu and my beautiful models Nina, Naomie, and Chad who are cousins apparently modeling and pretty faces run in their blood. I want to show you more photos and also list down the makeup I use for the shoot I use very specific makeup during shoots because I have to take note of the flash and lighting.

 I do the models hair and makeup, style the look if I provide the clothes and accessories and make the props and decorations for the set like the gifts and signs. 

Chad, Nina Maey, and Naomie Lee

Model: Chad
Dress and Shoes: Models Own
Necklace: Forever 21

Model: Nina Maey
Dress and Shoes: Models Own
Earrings: SM Department Store

Model: Namoie Lee
Shoes: Models Own
Earrings: WWW (SM Department Store)
Headband: Follie

Products Used:
Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser

Revlon Photo Ready
Loreal True Match

Contour and Highlight:
Fluff Contour Kit (SumWear Co)
MAC Bronzer "Solar Riche"
San San HD Concealer

San San Two way cake #3
San San Two way cake #2

Second Love Eyebrow Compact #2
Pinkies Collection Eye brow Cake #3

LA Girl Pro Primer
Smashbox Sudio Pop Eye Palette
MAC Pigment "Tan"
MAC Pigment "Whisper of Pink"
MAC Pigment "Heritage Rouge"
Avon Black eyeliner pencil
Maybelline Hyper Curl Mascara
Jazzy Collection Eyelash Glue

And a lip palette I made I can remember what I mixed. 

Photographer: Sir Gio Pesodas
Location: Mangga Studio Cebu
Models: Chad, Nina, Naomie
HAir and Makeup by: Yours truly Steph G

Every shoot and job is a new learning experience for me and attending makeup school really helped me in this shoot because I did the looks quicker and I was more organized. I should have made more decorations because the set is so big and white and I think the ones we had didn't quite fill up the space so next time I need to prepare more props and decor. Thank you to my models and awesome photographer for always helping make my visions into reality.

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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Review: MAC Pigment Set and Heroine Lipstick

Back in November I got the MAC Objects of Affection Pigment Set in their Holiday Collection I was so stoked to get this set because I've heard amazing reviews about their pigments this set is perfect because it comes with 5 pigments all in mini size and who can finish a full size of pigments anyway? There were three sets and I chose the Pink and Rose because it was the most unique out of the three and I didn't have these colors in any of my palettes.

It is stored in this cute box made of plastic and on the lid is an image of a woman form the Victorian Era who knows maybe they had pigments back then. HAHA. But the glittery lid screams Holiday and Christmas. I really want to expand my MAC Collection for my kit and their products are of really great quality I hope 2015 will be my year of MAC I just gotta find a job first :-D

Here are the swatches, I put primer on the one on the right.

I love the quality of their pigments they are very smooth and pigmented but they can get messy because it doesn't have a sifter you just need to be careful not to spill it all over the place I've used this on clients and it looks so luxurious also very easy to blend.
Rate: 4.5/5

Price: Php 2,100.00 ($ 46.68)
Available at Rustans Ayala Center Cebu

MAC lipstick in HEROINE

I ove MAC lipsticks they apply very smooth and their quite moisturizing plus they smell like vanilla cupcakes! I have wanted this color way back when MAC wasn't available here in Cebu I would browse around their colors and this one always stood out its a violet/ purple color perfect for days when you want your lips to be the statement its a Matte finish so it stay on longer but doesn't dry out your lips.
Rate 5/5

Price: Php 1.000.00 ($ 22.23)
Available at Rustans Ayala Center Cebu

At first I thought MAC is too pricey and over rated but on my 18th birthday I got my very first MAC product it was a mineral blush called "Miss Behave" from the Quite Cute Collection and I fell in love  and I still use it today its 3 years old but in very good condition because I disinfect and sanitize my makeup every month and that really helps expand its shelf life.

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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

ZALORA and nippon Haul, And my Horrible Experience with AP Cargo!

I do a lot of online shopping so I've had my fare share of shipping stress and glitches but nothing will ever compare to my experience with AP Cargo. Before Christmas I ordered a Pro Blend Sponge Kit from nippon and they shipped it pretty quick they told me they shipped it so I was expecting to get it before Christmas but it didn't arrive New year went by still it hasn't arrived I thought they were just on Holiday break that was causing the delay.After The Holiday break I finally got the waybill no and I tracked it down and it says that Xend forwarded it to AP Cargo and I was like "Oh No! not again!" because I had a bad experience with them in the past. So I called AP Cargo and the lady said that my package arrived to them Dec 24 and they weren't able ship it to me because the address was incomplete which was also the issue last time so I asked if they could deliver it today and they said "No because our delivery guys had already left it would be delivered tomorrow" so I thought of picking it up in their office because I waited too long and I cant wait another day who knows what other excuse they come up with. So I told them "Can I pick it up today?" and the lady said "Okay but we cant find your package." the I said "WHAT?? I got lost in your office?" then she said she would call me once they find it and at this point I was already kinda mad first the super delayed shipping and now they couldn't find it? Then they called around 2 in the afternoon and said they found it so I immediately left and went to their office once I was there which was a long walk by the way and when I got there and I claimed my package I looked at the package and IT HAD MY COMPLETE ADDRESS AND CONTACT NUMBER so I asked "Why weren't you able to deliver this?" and the guy said "It said Cebu City" and NO IT DINT it said Mandaue City exactly where I lived and my phone number was there they didn't even bother to call me I lived close by to their office. After I got it I immediately left and they didn't even apologize for the delay the guy talking to me couldn't even look me in the eye and explain it to me. Sorry for the ramble I don't usually do this but I just had to share my experience after all that waiting and stress I finally have my package I contacted nippon and asked them for my future purchases to deliver it via LBC I don't care if I have to pay more and they kindly agreed. 

 nippon Pro Blend Sponge Kit Php 400.00 ($ 8.88)

I also ordered from ZALORA Marketplace  they offer Cash On Delivery service so its not stressful waiting for your package to arrive.
It doesn't come in a box which they showed on the web site which was slightly disappointing but no big deal. 

That's all for this post I do still love online shopping I just have to be picky with the shipping companies because I don't like dealing with the stress that's why I love going to the mall but you cant find everything in the mall.
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Thursday, January 1, 2015

What I Got For Christmas 2014

I was going back and fourth on whether I should blog about this or not that's why this is super late but a lot of youtuber and bloggers do it and I enjoy watching them I'm not trying to brag in any way this is how I show my appreciation to everyone who got me these gifts. I'm truly grateful for all the blessings even for the ones I don't realize I have for the gift of life, family, friends and love.

My mentor got me this awesome suitcase organizer I can put my underwear in here you know stuff you don't want spilling out your luggage and keep my accessories tangle free. I'm looking forward to visiting my brother in Singapore in 2015 so I'm definitely using this. Thank you Mrs. Emma

Astrid got me this cute pouch bag and in it is a cute animal print underwear which is funny because I got her something similar. Thank you Nerd!

Nin a frequent model and good friend of mine got in to baking recently so she gave us a cute box of brownies! they are really good and great job Nin for your first try! Thank you Nin!

My Ate Candice got me this Too Faced Color Confections palette! this is a Holidays set back in 2012 I think but it still very pretty and i especially love the bronzer's and you can never go wrong in giving me makeup. HAHA

She also got me and my mom a bunch of skin care from Dead Sea Treasures. Thank you Ate Candice!

 Kevin got me this Barbie makeup bag which I have been wanting for so so long I still love barbie if there's any way I could still have a little piece of my childhood with me all the time it would be this. I picked this one out because its plastic I can clean it easier and it very spacious.

He also got me a wireless mouse! My mouse was really  beat up and frustrating to use that's what you get for a cheap mouse but now I have this clean and wireless mouse and I couldn't be more happier about it I don't have to deal with tangles anymore and its soooo smooth to use. Thank yo Kevin!

I love trying out new brands of wet wipes I use it to remove my makeup so I cant run out of it. When my family and I went to S&R I saw this and I got really excited because there Burst Bees which is a well know brand but unfortunately this one STINGS and STINKS! I don't know why but when I sued it to remove my makeup I felt it sting my face especially on my eye area and it smalls awful.

My parents also got me this Holiday Set from MAC which I'm living to pieces. I got this back in November as an early Christmas present because I was afraid it would run out. I really want to expand my MAC  collection and these 5 pigments will surely fill it up. Thanks Mom and Dad!

During Christmas I'm bound to get at least one mini lotion and soap set and I get really hyped about this stuff because one their cute and two they make you smell like a backed cookie or cake. Thanks Mom!

My mom and I went in Call It Spring to check out their sale they I saw this and I immediately picked it up and tried it on then my brother came in and said "That's nice I can get you that as my Christmas present" and I was like "SCORE!". You know whats better than a sale? getting it for free! Thank yo Kuya Alain!

Ate Jen got me this yellow top from H&M and two black nail polishes which is so convenient because I ran out of black nail polish. I'm looking forward to wearing this top because I live and black, white and grey clothes so for 2015 I would like to add more color in my wardrobe.  Thank you Ate Jen!

Again thank you all for the present and to you as well for reading my post. As much as we love getting and giving gifts Christmas is about Jesus, Love, Family and Happiness and as the year 2015 come I wish you all the HAPPIEST NEW YEAR.

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