Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Portfolio : Pre Nup Photo shoot for Rhose and Erwin

I have done hair and makeup for several photo shoot but never for a Prenup but fortunately my good friend Astrid has a co-worker Rhose who's getting married on December and asked me to do hair and makeup for the couples Prenup shoot (Engagement photoshoot) and I was very excited but nervous at the same time because I didn't have a trial session with Rhose and I also never met the photographer a whole lot of firsts for me but all I could do is prepare and hope for the best plus my friend Astrid will be with us for the whole duration so that was such a relief.

The photographer Sir Sam Nervez wanted to capture early day light so we did hair and makeup really early and I mean REALLY early around 4am at my place, Astrid even cooked breakfast for us or mainly for her boyfriend I think HAHA but it was really sweet of her to make some for all of us, heck she even washed the freaking dishes! (I wab you Trid!) But it was worth all the effort because we all had fun during the shoot it didn't feel like work at all and they got amazing photos. The location was in  the beautiful Parola its a light house here in Cebu its just one place but it has a lot of pretty spots.

We did three looks for the shoot I didnt change it dramatically because we were shoot outdoors but luckily the couple had a car with very cool air conditioning so we had touch ups and outfit changes in there I just added a bit more eye shadow or blush, change up the lip color, did different hair styles which are easy to do, and changed the accessories. We had such a fun time together the couple were very outgoing  and fun, the photographer was funny even under the scourging heat of the sun, I got to hang out with my friend and over a great experience.

I used airbrush makeup for this because I know it will withstand the heat and sweat and it's quicker to apply. This is one corner of my work station and you can see the very festive Christmas curtains we have at home :D
I love this airbrush kit I got from beautyHD I HIGHLY recommend it I haven't done a full review on it yet but I will I have used it a lot in Makeup class, yes I have been studying makeup in a beauty school and I will blog about that as well. The gown is from and you can read my review on it HERE. I have a lot of posts lined up and I hope you'll get to read them.

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

My Beauty Wish List!

Christmas is fast approaching and aside from the main essence of Jesus birth and family gatherings we cant avoid the fact there's a lot of sales going on, relatives giving Christmas money, parents and friends who kindly and generously put up with our beauty addiction making it the perfect time for shopping. 

This is my Christmas Beauty Wish List or should I say All Year Round Wish List, guys lets be honest our wish list never ends and it never will and as much as we would want to get everything we drool upon we just cant so that's why I chose only 3 items and these items are very useful and practical for me so if once of these is granted I'm sure it wont be laying around collecting dust.

I have a beautyHD airbrush system and I saw that they have a portable battery which would be perfect for outdoor shoots or if I have to do makeup where there's no electricity brilliant right? I wish there was one for curling irons too :)
Price: 1,299.00 

Just look at the picture you would understand why I want this brush. LOOK AT IT! When I saw this ZOEVA Pink Elements Complete Eye Set I immediately went OH MY GOSH! The pink handles wit the grey metallic ferrule looks so girl and luxurious it may be pricey but your getting 12 eye brushes and a cute pouch. 
Price: Php 4,226.00

I'm sure you will be attending some Christmas parties or gatherings around the holiday season and wouldn't it be nice to smell great? ZALORA has a great selection of fragrances from high end brands to more affordable ones, and since this is a wish list I'll go all out with this Daisy by Marc Jacobs I have smelt this one before and daaaaannmmm! Your going to the most fragrant girl in the party I kid you not.
Price: Php 3,709.00 before it was Php 5,298.00

What do you want from Santa this Christmas?  tell me on the comments below I would to know!
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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Fluff by SumWear Co Haul,Review and Demo! Affordable and Great Quality!

If your from the Philippines you probably heard of the online shop SumWear Co they offer a lot of high end makeup and tools which are nearly impossible to find in stores, now they recently came out with a line called Fluff right now they have 5 products and I'm looking forward for the line to expand. On this post I'l review what I got and what I think of them.

Okay lets start!

Price: Php 300.00 ($ 6.69)

I'm very impressed with this kit! it comes with a highlighter and contour shade which really suits me. Let me tell you a true story: I used this kit to contour and highlight my face a few days ago when I went to school to visit a friend and when my friend Roxanne saw me she said "You lost weight!" and I was like "Look at my arms their huge!" and then she said "Your face looks slimmer." and if that doesn't prove my contour worked I don't know what will. It stayed on the whole day and its very blendable.

The shade fair is perfect for me even if I'm not that fair because its very blendable I will use this on a model or client on future makeup jobs and I will make sure show you how it looks on the face. I highly recommend this because its affordable, handy, and it come with a lot of product just look at the picture its huge!

Price: Php 275. 00 ($ 6.13)

PINK!!! Haha. This cute egg shaped brush cleanser really got me excited first of all because it pink and it come in a lot of cute colors, and secondly I'm extremely lazy in cleaning my brushes but this little devise will be my helper. I'll show you how I used it and thank God that my nails weren't completely ruined when I did this and thanks to my elder brother Kuya Alain for taking these photos. 

Eww dirty.. :-)

You can use the small circles to clean you eye brushes but you pretty much do the same thing. I used to use my hands in cleaning brushes and it leaves my hands all wrinkly and gross but this egg does the job better and I takes me half the time to clean them.

Over all I'm very happy with these products and I suggest you get them now because their selling like hot cakes! I think I'm going to purchase the brush guards and mini lash curler soon. So if you want to see the site click HERE.

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Monday, November 10, 2014

Haul: Beauty Bar Buys!

 My original plan was to go shopping at Rustans Department Store for their cosmetics sale so I went the day before the sale to ask what products will be discounted and whats in stock after Rustans my mom and I went to Beauty bar and man! they were having 25 65% discount on selected items! My thoughts about the Rustans sale immediately flew off my mind because one of my most favorite brands smashbox was having a great deal. 

Looking at my paper bags it looks like I got a shit load of makeup right? HAHA! Sorry to disappoint I only got a few things. The reason I have two paper bags is because I already paid for the first item before I decided to get my second item and I got them to gift wrap it for me why not right? I love opening stuff at least I didn't write anything on the greeting card.

Lest start with the first item I purchased

This holiday set comes with 3 makeup products and little instructional cards. I mainly got this for the gorgeous eye shadows smashbox has excellent shadows and they feel so velvety smooooootth.

I havent tried this mascara out yet but I have high hopes for it because it has a massive brush or wand which is great for volume.

I haven't tried this out yet as well but I'm always up for trying out new liners.

This palette was the main reason I got this set can we just look at the swatches for a second? that's just one swipe of each shade and they are so buttery smooth! I love smashbox shadows I always use them plus they shimmery ones Taupe and Purple Shimmer are gorgeous! WAAAH! I'm so excited to play with this.

This set was a great deal the original price was Php 1,950.00 ($43) but it was 25% off so I only paid Php 1,462.00 ($32) I saved Php 487.00.

For the second item I got this brush holder that I have been wanting for some time now because its a great way to store my brushes when I do clients makeup I like having my brushes standing up so I can see them easily.

The original price was Php 595.00 but it was 65% off so I got it for Php 208.00 so I saved Php 386.75!

I would like to thank my wonderful parents for this and I promise once I get a job I wont spend all my money on makeup :-) maybe just 75% :-D just kidding.. If you have any beauty bar boutiques in your mall definitely check out their deals.

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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Through the Test of Time: Etude House Pencil Shapeners

I now have a new series on my blog aside from Nail Polishness its called "Through the Test of Time" on this blog post I will be sharing to you beauty tools, tips or products that stood through the test of time for me. Anything I review here I have used for at least 3 years and still using today and are not discontinued so you can gt your hands on them.

For this post I'm sharing with you this humble pencil sharpener form Etude House which I have used for atleast 3 years now and I finally decided to get a new one I dont know why I held on it for so long since its only Php 28.00! ($0.62) but maybe today its already Php 30.00 still very cheap.

The older sharpener at the left was one of the first products I bought when Etude House opened here in the Philippines as you can see its beat up and old and dying to retire.

What I love about this sharpener is you can remove it from its case and thoroughly clean it out and put it back in after. This one can only sharpen regular pencils not the jumbo sized one but they do have for that. I find that I get a very nice sharp tip with my eyeliners and lip liners with this and its very tiny making it easy to carry in you makeup bag I sometimes use it to sharpen my writing pencil in school. HAHA

So if your looking for a cheap but great sharpener definitely give it a try I always like using my whatever pencils with a sharp tip and I have relied on this for years and since I bought a new one I'l get another 3 year use of it. 

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