Saturday, August 16, 2014

21st Birthday Haul!

Hell Everyone! I'm super stoked for this post because I just turned 21 on the 8th of August! Time flies by really fast and I still feel that I act like a 18 year old. Let me just repeat what I always say during Birthday Hauls that this is not to brag about what I got but to thank the people who have been very generous and loving and I enjoy reading posts like this and I'm sure some of you do too :-)

My friend Hannah got me these really cute flower earrings she always gets me earrings on my birthday so I'm happy to have this one in the collection and it perfect for everyday use.

Elaine aka BOKIE got me this gorgeous bronzer from smashbox she isn't really a makeup junkie like me but she made an excellent choice because I haven't bought a bronzer in 3 YEARS! I'm not over exaggerating so I really do need this one plus I love smashbox products I want to try out more products from the brand.

Ate Bam2 my eldest brother girlfriend got me tops from Terranova I had to exchange the other one she originally got because it was too big and replaced it for the back one with mesh, don't worry I'm not going to wear that with just a bra I"m gonna wear another tank top inside. Can you just see how much I love black? HAHA. Thank you ate!

Nina and Astrid showed up at my little celebration with this huge box and I was so shocked and curious what it was so when I got home I immediate opened it and Ta Da! a huge drawer to store all my makeup and junk and it was filled with tons of tissue paper. They know me too well! and I'm very happy they got me the one with deeper drawers so I can put makeup and skincare standing up. 

My Kevin's present is really cute! We watched Guardians of The Galaxy and we really enjoyed it and the character Groot is my favorite especially when he was a dancing baby. So he made his own version of Groot with a cute mug and a makeup brush that I have been wanting forever.
The mug has a really cute message at the back that always makes me smile and he used chocolates to keep the brush standing still. CUUTTTEEENNNNEESSSS!!! I love it!!

Ate Jen my 2nd brothers girlfriend got me Revlon goodies! 3 stunning red polish shades and a gorgeous deep pink blush which I have been wanting for a while now. Thank you ate!

My friend Janna made this never ending birthday card and my close friends had a little message in each page, my Grade2 students also made me very cute and sweet birthday cards that really warms up the heart and their misspelled words are incredibly cute :-) you can really see the sincerity in what children write.

My family usually give me money for my birthday so that why there are no present form them but in all honesty my family is the greatest gift I could ever have and no material things could sum up to that. Thank you to everyone who greeted me and showed their generosity!!

With much love,