Sunday, April 29, 2012

Careline Lip gloss

I have been really enjoying using the Careline Lip gloss.
First of all it smells really good, and it has a smooth and creamy texture, almost like a liquid lipstick.
I got this for a good price of Php60.00 in Robinsons, unfortunately you can only get them in Robinsons
you wont find it in Watsons :(
Shade: 107
Shade: 106
Shade: 110

I recommend trying these lip glosses out,
their affordable and great quality :)
With much love,

Thursday, April 26, 2012

USA Haul

My friend went to the states as a foreign exchange student which was exciting, 
so I asked her if she would get some stuff for me and she kindly agreed.
I had a budget of Php2,000 and converted to dollars that's something like $46.
I am very happy and thankful with what I got, it really excites me to play around with these.

Eco Tools Eye Brush Set
$ 7.99 = Php.373.57
Eco Tools Eye Brush Set
$10.99 = Php 472.57

I have always wanted to try Eco Tools brushes because Ive heard
so many good reviews about them. The brushes are super soft and cute and
reasonably priced.
ELF Beauty Book Neutral eye
$5 = Php 215.00
 It come with 6 shadows, mini eyeshadow primer,
brown eye pencil and a sponge tip applicator.
Conair Double Ceramic 1 1/2 " Curling iron
$20.99= Php 902.57
I have always wanted a large barrel curling iron,
but its freaking expensive here in the Philippines.
Im super happy that my friend found this for me,
plus its dual voltage so it works perfectly with the outlets here in the Philippines,
the last thing I wanna happen is for this thing to explode!

I am very grateful for everything I got and I do think that I got my moneys worth.

With much love,

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Pink Stripe Nails

Here I have yet another nail art design that is extremely simple and easy. 
As you may notice its pink again because I adore that color so much.
Products used:
  Tony Moly Polish (NE03 Hot Pink)
 Sassy Nail art (Black)
 Bobbie Nail Hardener
With much love,

Friday, April 20, 2012

A Swipe of Pink

I wanted to have fun patterns on my nails but I am still learning how to control very slim brushes 
so I did a simply but edgy nail art.
I keep my nails short because they break easily.
Products I used:
Caress Polish (Diamond Gay)
Tony Moly Polish( NE03 Hot Pink)
24K Poilsh (8 Sheer pink color) I used on top off the hot pink swipe
Sassy Nail art (Black)
Bobbie Nail Hardener

Hope you like how its looks :)
With much love 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lets play dress up!

I wanted to play dress up but not with Barbie Dolls because that would be boring and easy,
so I chose my friends instead.
Plus its weird to take pictures of my doll and blog about it .HAHA
I did their hair and make up also styled them with my clothes :)
 Lerie (My seatmate for one subject only but were close)
Shes Wearing : Kaftan dress designed by my mom
Wedges from Crocs (insanely comfortable)
 Astrid (My dear friend, we call each other "Nerd")
Shes wearing: Kaftan top designed by my mom
Forever 21 Necklace
Accessorize earings
 Her own heels and shorts
  Rogenelyn (My high school friend)
Shes wearing: Forever21 dress
Forver21 glasses
Necklace from South Shores
Her own shoes and bangles
 Lerie and Astrid
Lerie and Rogenelyn

It was lots of fun for all of us,
hope you like it!

With much love, 

Tony Moly Nails

I finally got to try Tony Moly Nial polishes because the brand recently opened a stall in SM Cebu.
I picked out the hot pink nail color and the chunky glitter for a top coat.
Here's how it turned out :)
I think it looks super cute and I love it.
I have a previous blog on the prices of the products I used.

With much love,